Dhruva Movie Review: Two Different Sides of the Same Coin

Know your enemies and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster- Sun Tzu

I am reminded of this quote after watching Surender Reddy’s latest Telugu film Dhruva and not just because the film actually even refers to the quote in its own way.  I have always believed that a real hero, a formidable one whom we can look up to is someone who has been really tested by an adversary worthy enough of his/her calibre. And this definitely applies to a hero in an action film, remove the antagonist or make him/her weak or not so worthy and there’s nothing so unique in having a dashing hero, even if the person is larger than life. Take any action film as an example and try to apply this principle, leaving aside exceptions I am sure majority of the films which really worked and stayed put in your minds definitely had a powerful antagonist as well. Continue reading “Dhruva Movie Review: Two Different Sides of the Same Coin”

The Best of Tamil Cinema in 2015

2015 was an interesting year for Tamil Cinema with a variety of topics being explored. Some big films didn’t do well, while some small films made impact. Certain stars did well,while some of them didn’t really do well. Here are the films in my opinion which stood a little apart from the rest of the pack and made an impact this year.The movies aren’t sorted in any order of merit. Sorting is done based on release dates.Continue reading “The Best of Tamil Cinema in 2015”

Thani Oruvan Movie Review: Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction

Newton’s famous third law of motion states that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”, one of the more fascinating things that I learnt in school in Physics which I still remember and also appreciate. While the law perhaps might be referring more to a scientific viewpoint, I have always felt that there could be takeaway for the same in terms of life as well. Have you ever wondered what would our life be like if it wasn’t balanced? Would you appreciate a life full of downs and no ups & vice versa? Would you appreciate the very concept of happiness if you didn’t experience sadness in the first place? For every rich man there has to be one or more poor people as well. I can go and on, but the fact remains that to have a good life one has to have a balance between everything. Similarly when you come to a movie which clearly involves a specific protagonist and antagonist, then they better be well matched for each other, or else it would remain simply a one sided game. If I consider myself from an audience view point I’d feel terrible if the antagonist hardly measures up to the protagonist.Continue reading “Thani Oruvan Movie Review: Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction”

Nimirnthu Nil Movie Review: Samuthirakani’s Disappointing Social Saga

Nimirnthu Nil-Jayam RaviWell, it so turns out that my brief sprint in reviewing Indian films has been atrociously bombarded with movies which literally ‘half enthrall – half disappoint’ you! They are there in abundance… everywhere you see! In fact, they are the majority! And that makes it really tough for the viewer and the critic to form an ‘all -encompassing’ final opinion about the movie. Good or bad? Highly engaging or lost in oblivion? Path breaking -innovative or uncreative -pedestrian? In the process of reviewing these films in detail, and trying to form opinions and arrive at conclusions, I fear I might associate myself with those ‘kind’, leaving my readers feeling exactly the same ‘A bit enriched and a bit let-down!’Continue reading “Nimirnthu Nil Movie Review: Samuthirakani’s Disappointing Social Saga”

Nimirndhu Nil: Trailer

Nimirnthu Nil-Jayam Ravi
Jayam Ravi in Nirmirndhu Nil

Actor-director Samuthirakani is one of the more busier people around, active not just in Tamil Cinema but also in other South Indian languages i.e Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. As a director his last film was Yaare Koogadali (2012), the Kannada remake of his own Tamil film Poraali (2011).

Continue reading “Nimirndhu Nil: Trailer”

Aadhi Bhagavan-Trailer

Ameer Sultan part of the Madurai brigade ( apart from Bala and Sasikumar ) to whom Anurag Kashyap also paid tribute in Gangs of Wasseypur is finally back with his long in the making film, Aadhi Bhagavan. Though his 1st film as director came out way back in 2002- Mounam Pesiyadhe, he has only made 2 other films after that i.e Raam and Paruthiveeran. Of course he has gone on to act as well with the lead role in Yogi and featuring in an item number in Mysskin‘s Yuddham Sei.Continue reading “Aadhi Bhagavan-Trailer”