Coolie No 1 (2020- Amazon Original): The Curse of Nepotism in Bollywood

A good part of the 90s was a golden time for David Dhawan and Govinda most of which were remakes of Tamil and Telugu films. For example Coolie No 1 is a remake of the Tamizh film Chinna Mapillai. 

David Dhawan is now on a quest to position his son as the next Superstar of Bollywood remaking his own remakes, but then this time it flatters to deceive. Coolie No 1 (1995) itself is a problematic film if you look at it. There is a person who catfishes a female to marry her and the film does not show any remorse on his part and justifies it by saying that as her father wanted her to have a secure life, the daughter deserves to be cheated. Continue reading “Coolie No 1 (2020- Amazon Original): The Curse of Nepotism in Bollywood”

Picket 43 Movie Review: Hope Prithvi pockets many awards for his services in this Picket

Major Ravi is back with the next outing in his ‘military’ line up of films based on stories set around the lives of men in uniform. I have personally not seen any of his films but have been following his graph closely both in media and through word of mouth sources. It is safe to say that Major is not having a great time with his recent releases. Does he redeem himself with Picket 43? Does it tell a good story within the military backdrop without getting caught into the usual traps of jingoism, melodrama or unrealistic action which a lot of our films suffer from?Continue reading “Picket 43 Movie Review: Hope Prithvi pockets many awards for his services in this Picket”

Picket 43: Trailer

Picket 43 Poster 5Army man turned writer-director Major Ravi has been in poor form of late with his recent films like Kandahar (2010) and Karma Yodha (2012) failing miserably. He is now back with his latest film Picket 43 which is produced by O.G.Sunil. Prithviraj plays an army havildar who is guarding a picket on the Indo-Pak border all alone. Javed Jaffrey plays a Pakistani soldier and others in the cast include Renji Panicker, Sudheer Karamana, Hareesh Peradi etc. Music is by Ratheesh Vega while Jomon T.John is the DOP and Ranjan Abraham is the editor.Continue reading “Picket 43: Trailer”

Bang Bang Movie Review: Bang for the Buck? Not Quite!

When I first heard of Hollywood hit Knight and Day (2010) being officially adapted in Hindi as “Bang Bang” I just sighed in semi disbelief.  In my opinion Knight and Day was a rather ordinary Hollywood entertainer, which only worked due to the lovely lead pair comprising of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Well to be honest their Indian counterparts, Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif seemed to be perfect choices to carry on the same roles in Hindi, but I was wondering why a studio like Fox Star had to not just look at shelling out money to buy the remake rights, but also want to invest mega bucks in a film which has no novelty as such. Adding to the gloomy scenario was the fact that the film was to be directed by Siddharth Anand, someone who has had moderate success making romantic films (Salaam Namaste, Tara Rum Pum, Bachna Ae Haseeno, Anjaana Anjaani). Considering this was to be an action film I was wondering why the studio would entrust the film to a director who’s never dabbled with the genre earlier.Continue reading “Bang Bang Movie Review: Bang for the Buck? Not Quite!”

Besharam Movie Review: A Film Which Lives Up To Its Title

Besharam PosterSo when the director of a hugely successful commercial Hindi film like Dabangg combines with one of the most popular actors in Bollywood, who’s already given a monstrous hit earlier this year one would expect sparks to fly majorly and result in a dynamite of a film right? Continue reading “Besharam Movie Review: A Film Which Lives Up To Its Title”

Ranbir Kapoor's Besharam Movie Review: Bollywood Masala Film

Popular Indian actors unlike their other counterparts in world, not only have to act, they also should know how to dance, fight and lip-sync. Big Bollywood blockbusters similar to Hollywood summers movie are classified under masala genre, such movies have little bit of everything few comic scenes, action sequences, melodrama and a Hero who remains in the frame from start to end of the film.  Every upcoming Bollywood actor who wants to be a superstar has to do one such film.

Ranbir Kapoor, the latest  superstar of Bollywood who delivered one of the biggest hits of Indian Cinema earlier this year is back with another movie, Besharam. And we have Abhinav Kashyap handling directorial reins for Besharam, after Dabangg.Continue reading “Ranbir Kapoor's Besharam Movie Review: Bollywood Masala Film”

Besharam: Trailer

Besharam PosterAbhinav Singh Kashyap made a smashing debut with Dabangg in 2010 but  his second film took a while to kick off. He is now back after 3 years with his next film, Besharam.Continue reading “Besharam: Trailer”

“The Forest” and Beyond: In Conversation with Ashvin Kumar

In a very candid conversation with MAM, Ashvin Kumar (director of Road to Ladakh, Little Terrorist, Dazed in Doon, Inshallah Football and Inshallah Kashmir ) who is currently busy with the pre-release activities centered around his forthcoming movie, The Forest ( his 1st full length feature film that is finally due for release on 11th May,2011 ) discussed a lot of aspects both with respect to The Forest and otherwise.Continue reading ““The Forest” and Beyond: In Conversation with Ashvin Kumar”