Thoongaa Vanam (2015) Move Review: A Ticking Clock Which Doesn’t Start

Divakar (Kamal Haasan) is in the VIP lounge of a night club where a producer(Santhana Bharathi) points to the TV showing the news and laments that his completed film hasn’t been released due to him owing money to people and dejected fans have been sent back home. Kamal Haasan references the state of his film Uttama Villain on the day of its release. In another scene, his son picks up the football instead of taking up a cricket bat. In a city this has become quite a common occurrence these days, what with Messi and Ronaldo as well known in a household as Sachin or Dravid once were (please pardon me if I am being blasphemous). Once again, a troubled father-son relationship which we saw in Uttama Villain. There is,of course, more referencing. The lip locks Kamal is involved in with Madhu Shalini and the last line the son utters reference Kamal’s romantic hero image. I remember a function where Radhika Sarathkumar mentioned Kamal and the lip locks from his movies. Like in Uttama Villain and the movies which have becomes star vehicles, the self referencing is part of the script but unlike the star vehicles, these are organic inclusions, especially the lip locks. Smooth.Continue reading “Thoongaa Vanam (2015) Move Review: A Ticking Clock Which Doesn’t Start”

Naan Sigappu Manithan (2014) Movie Review: Different and Dazzling First Half, with a Dull and Dark Second Half!

NSM-PosterSpoilers ahead…

Let me start by giving you a scenario.  X and Y are friends who have different aspirations in life.  X’s most valued possession and biggest dream of his life-time is ‘inadvertently’ destroyed by Y, for which X takes revenge by taking away the only thing, Y lives for.  Now, X has to face the wrath of Y’s resolve to retaliate, and fight for  his own survival. Whoa!

Now, let’s try to weave a commercially viable script (tentatively titled ‘Pazhi’) out of that knot, naming X as ‘Sundar’ and Y as ‘Indran’. Since it is ‘commercial-revenge -thriller’, we cannot overlook any of the  routine ‘must-haves’ – the romance, the comedy, the pre -interval action segment, the songs and the climax fight!  Piece of cake, right?Continue reading “Naan Sigappu Manithan (2014) Movie Review: Different and Dazzling First Half, with a Dull and Dark Second Half!”

Naan Sigappu Manithan: Trailer

Naan Sigappu Manithan PosterDirector Thiru and actor Vishal have worked together on 2 Tamil films in the past,Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai (2010) and Samar (2013). Now they are back with their third venture together, Naan Sigappu Manithan (I am a Red Man) which is jointly produced by Vishal’s Vishal Film Factory and UTV. The film’s title has a lot of significance as it is has been used for a Rajinikanth movie in the past (S.A.Chandrasekhar‘s 1985 hit film of the same name), though this film is not a remake of the earlier one & has no connection whatsoever apart from the title. Apart from Vishal the star cast includes Lakshmi Menon, Iniya, Sunder Ramu, Jagan, Jayaprakash etc and the film has music by G.V.Prakash Kumar.Continue reading “Naan Sigappu Manithan: Trailer”

Maryan Movie Review: A Timeless Romantic Tale that Connects

MariyaanBharat Bala, A.R.Rahman, Dhanush, coming together for a Tamil movie produced by Aascar FilmsMaryan (or Mariyaan as it ought to be actually spelled) was enough to send raptures among people following Tamil Cinema for a simple reason- this would not be just another run of the mill film. The promos, the posters, the music all gave way to umpteen points of discussion, but I was sure that this was a visual treat in store which would work if the execution was nearly as good as the premise itself.Continue reading “Maryan Movie Review: A Timeless Romantic Tale that Connects”

Mariyaan: Trailer

MariyaanBharat Bala is known for the various ad films and music videos (including Vande Mataram, Jana Gana Mana, Pray For Me Brother etc). He is known for his collaboration with A.R.Rahman for most of the music videos he’s worked on.Continue reading “Mariyaan: Trailer”

Yaaruda Mahesh-Trailer

Yaaruda Mahesh ( who is Mahesh? ) is a forthcoming Tamil rom-com which is written and directed by R.Madhan Kumar. Produced by the trio of Antony Nawaz,Sathya Narayanan and R.Madhan Kumar, the film’s star cast features Sundeep Kishan and Dimple Chopade in the lead along with Jagan,Livingston,Uma Padmanabhan etc. Raana is the DOP while Gopi Sundar has composed the music. Sundeep Kishan started off an A.D with Gautham Menon before getting noticed in Telugu with Prasthanam and Hindi with Shor in the City.

Likely to release shortly, Yaaruda Mahesh seems to be an interesting film indeed. Do check out the hilarious trailer of the film for now.