Notes from editor Jabeen Merchant’s Masterclass

Ever since I have started to take an interest in film editing, I have learnt how crucial editing is to the documentary. More often than not, a documentary film gets made on the editing table. While shooting a documentary there are far too many elements out of your control, so the use of determining the structure of the film in a screenplay is quite limited.

There are a number of blogs, website and video channels that help you know more about the craft of editing (documentary as well as fiction films), but nothing beats a live interaction with a stalwart in the field. So when I learnt of a Masterclass on ‘Constructing the Documentary Narrative’ was to be taken by veteran editor Jabeen Merchant at the ongoing Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF), I made it a point to attend it. And as expected, it was quite an enriching experience. These were the major takeaways from the Masterclass:Continue reading “Notes from editor Jabeen Merchant’s Masterclass”

NH 10 Movie Review: Hits You Hard and Solid

On a cold wintery day way back in 2007 I landed up in Delhi from Bangalore, the objective being to attend an interview with a leading FMCG MNC. Now what was interesting was that the interview was not scheduled at their corporate H.O at Gurgaon but instead at a resort some 40 odd kms away from Gurgaon as there was a sales & marketing conference of theirs happening there. It was on the way to the resort that I remembered that I was not carrying a copy of my resume and was hence thinking of what to do. But then I felt that the resort would have a business centre and hence I need not be too worried. But I did end up having to be worried, the business centre at the resort was apparently under repair and when I enquired as to where I could take out some printouts, I was directed to go to the town nearby. Well the town turned out to be a village and no one understood the terms cyber café and printouts, until I realized I must just say computer centre. And believe it or not the computer centre there turned out to be a training institute and they had no printer. All this at a time when the internet had conquered households across India, and at a place less than 50 kms from Gurgaon or 100 kms from Delhi.Continue reading “NH 10 Movie Review: Hits You Hard and Solid”