The Journey of ‘The Path of the Zarathustra’: Oorvazi Irani’s Quest for Authentic Parsi Locations

Zoroastrians (popularly recognized as either Parsis or Iranis) have always been that enigmatic, close-knit community that all of India wants to know more about. An affable community with dwindling population, but a very distinct identity and a host of great achievers in all walks of life, could have ideally been a great fodder for cinematic narrative of Indian films. But, most mainstream films, with a few notable exceptions like Little Zizou, Ferrari Ki Sawari, Being Cyrus and Pestonjee, have stuck to stereotypical and somewhat superficial portrayal of the Parsis.Continue reading “The Journey of ‘The Path of the Zarathustra’: Oorvazi Irani’s Quest for Authentic Parsi Locations”

The Songs of Sparrows: a Face and a Camera

There’s something batshit insane about Majid Majidi’s The Song of Sparrows (my first experience of Majidi). Don’t get me wrong; I love the movie. It is one of the most down-to-earth movies I’ve ever seen, but it has a sort of manic energy you don’t see in American, or Indian or British, cinema. Personally, I hadn’t seen anything like this before. While both (the best of) Bollywood and Kurosawa have a manic energy, there’s nothing else quite like this.Continue reading “The Songs of Sparrows: a Face and a Camera”

AaaaaRGO Watch the movie!

Alright, who’s next? Who else doesn’t like Ben Affleck?

I have always stated that writers make absolutely terrific directors and Ben Affleck is the face of my argument. Gone Baby Gone, The Town, Chasing Amy, Good Will Hunting (obviously I won’t miss that) and now Argo. (If any one of you talk about Pearl Harbor as a “good” movie, then you obviously do not have a clue about what I am talking and do not need to read further)Continue reading “AaaaaRGO Watch the movie!”

Like Someone in Love-Trailer of Abbas Kiarostami’s Latest Film

Presenting before you the first look of Abbas Kiarostami’s next film, Like Someone in Love which was earlier titled The End. Abbas sets the story in Japan for first time, looking at the visuals we are sure that it will be a visual experience which we will not forget soon. It has been produced byContinue reading “Like Someone in Love-Trailer of Abbas Kiarostami’s Latest Film”