Jomonte Suvishengal Movie Review: Return of the Prodigal Son

A little into Sathyan Anthikkad’s latest Malayalam film Jomonte Suvishengal we see a funny situation where an elderly pair is travelling by car, with the wife sitting in front next to the driver’s seat, while the husband is sitting at the back. Before you wonder what’s wrong, we see the car stopping to meet someone as the husband of the lady goes about surreptitiously taking a bribe from the person outside, handing over some legal document duly signed in return. That’s when we realize that lady is the mayor of the city (Thrissur), but she is more like a rubber stamp authority as the position has been reserved for women. It is in fact the husband (Innocent) who is actually running the show. The scene is handled humorously as Sathyan Anthikkad is usually known for, yet it conveys a reality that’s applicable not just to Kerala but across the country as well. It is for moments like these that one usually appreciates Sathyan Anthikkad and his films.Continue reading “Jomonte Suvishengal Movie Review: Return of the Prodigal Son”

Vikramadithyan Movie Review: Life can be a Great Leveller

Lal Jose is one of the most prolific Malayalam filmmakers ever. With an output of 21 films over the last 17 years, many of them commercially successful and a quite a few of them critically acclaimed as well, it is not surprising that his films are always looked forward to even today. While he may not be in the league of his more illustrious seniors from the 1980’s and 90’s, there is no doubt that he is capable of making a good aesthetic commercial Malayalam, which he has proved time and again. It’s not that he doesn’t miss the bus at all, in recent times as much as he has found success with films like Diamond Necklace, Ayalum Njanum Thammil or Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum, he’s also delivered turkeys like Spanish Masala or Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal. But with a track record which comprises more of hits than misses, and with an ability to bounce back always after a dud, I was curious to see what he would do with his latest film ‘Vikramadithyan’.Continue reading “Vikramadithyan Movie Review: Life can be a Great Leveller”

Vikramadithyan: Trailer

Vikramadithyan 2014Prolific Malayalam filmmaker Lal Jose is back with hi latest film Vikramadithyan which has Dulquer Salmaan and Unni Mukundan in the lead. Also featuring Namitha Pramod, Anoop Menon, Lena, Joy Mathew etc.The flavour of the season, Nivin Pauly also appears in a cameo in the film. Produced by Lal Jose himself, the film is written by Iqbal Kuttipuram and has music by Bijibal. Jomon T.John is the DOP while Ranjan Abraham is the editor of the film.Continue reading “Vikramadithyan: Trailer”

Oru Indian Pranayakatha Movie Review: Old Fashioned Film with a Refreshing Lead Pair

Oru Indian Pranayakatha Poster NewAfter making his entry into Malayalam Cinema as a writer and A.D, Sathyan Anthikkad eventually turned director himself in 1982. An interesting piece of trivia is that in the last 31 odd years that he’s been making films, there are only 2 years in between where he had no release- 1998 & 2004.  Now that speaks volumes about his consistency in making films. It’s also a fact that even today he still has a good success rate in terms of commercial success, probably the major reason for him being in demand in the industry even today. Considering that most of his peers like Sibi Malayil, Fazil, Priyadarshan etc seem to have either taken a sabbatical or else are struggling for form, it’s heartening to know that Sathyan Anthikkad is an exception to this trend. But as much as all this is true one also needs to take into fact that in the recent past he has stopped making films out of his comfort zone.Continue reading “Oru Indian Pranayakatha Movie Review: Old Fashioned Film with a Refreshing Lead Pair”

Diamond Necklace Movie Review : Diamonds vs Relationships

Diamond Necklace movie poster
Diamond Necklace movie poster

Watching the trailer of Diamond Necklace, I was worried that this would be Lal Jose’s Dubai Masala, embellished with crowning diamonds from Joy Alukkas. As the credits begun rolling and actor Fahad Fazil and friends break into a fast paced number with a sizzling Dubai and babes around him, this impression was further strengthened. A few minutes into the movie as Dr Arun and Nurse Lakshmi indulge in cute-talk, I decided maybe it was a rom-com. Finally, two and half hours later, I think it is an illuminating treatise on love and relationships.Continue reading “Diamond Necklace Movie Review : Diamonds vs Relationships”

Diamond Necklace-Sneak Peek

Lal Jose the popular Malayalam filmmaker after the recent debacle of his recent film Spanish Masala now returns with Diamond Necklace. This time apart from directing it he has also produced the same through his production house- LJ Films. Continue reading “Diamond Necklace-Sneak Peek”