The Bad Mother: Official Trailer

The Bad Mother is a dramatic comedy about a woman who leaves her career to raise kids and gets caught in the battle of work vs family.

The bad mother 2The film follows Tara, a mid-30’s woman, struggling with her role as a stay at home mom after leaving a rewarding career to raise kids.

When her five-year-old son accidentally shares a scathing diatribe she writes about her husband’s evil workplace, Tara becomes an instant cause célèbre to other women in the same boat.

But as she’s thrust from obscurity into the spotlight, the scrutiny is a lot more intense than she bargained for, and Tara is forced to face her daemons, or wither away.

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Here is the trailer of the film

In Conversation with the Team of ‘Kallappadam’: Part Two

Here is the link to Part- 1 of this interview.

“I am equally responsible for Kallappadam. Hope you realize that its tougher for a cinematographer to don the grease paint than a director!”, Sriram Santhosh interrupts my discussion with Vadivel with a playful grin. I ask him about his contribution to the Kallappadam project. “Ideally I should have been credited for the screenplay too. Thats how close this project is to me”, Santhosh looks at Vadivel and smiles again. “The idea cropped up in one of our late night brain storming sessions as room mates”.

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The Guard: The Luck of the Irish

Irish Cinema! While the volume of movies coming out of there is not as fast and heavy as their English neighbours, in terms of quality they have been doing quite decently for themselves, mostly independent cinema covering diverse genres. Movies like Once, Intermission, Hunger, The Wind That Shakes the Barley, Inside I’m Dancing etc have managed to get Irish Cinema its fair share of attention. Continue reading “The Guard: The Luck of the Irish”