Tikli and Laxmi Bomb: An Indie Film Based on the Book by the Same Name

Based on the book by the same name, Aditya Kripalani’s Tikli and Laxmi Bomb is the story of two sex workers in Mumbai who decide to kick men out of the system. And the project is now looking at the crowdfunding route via Wishberry to enable completion.

What’s the film all about?

Tikli and Laxmi BombWhat if sex workers decided to kick men out of the system and take over each job that men traditionally have performed, as pimps, protectors, owners etc. and did these same jobs themselves? What if women started a sex industry run by women, for women, that safeguarded their interests? Tikli and Laxmi Bomb, the film, inspires women in each industry to ask themselves this question… ‘What if we started something of our own, by women, for women?’ be it advertising, teaching in schools, fishing or banking.

So why is the book worthy of a movie?

A film is a medium that has always had a lot more reach than a book. Simply because it takes less investment in terms of time, less patience and you don’t need to be able to even read, to experience the same story. To be able to get the message of this story to reach far and wide is why we’re making a film on it. With absolutely no dilution in the content and depth of it.

Why female sex workers?

Because they are the worst affected by patriarchy as they’re not even allowed to legally practice on the streets. And so they have no recourse to justice from the law.

What’s the status of the film so far?

The screenplay is in its 5th draft. The crew has been finalized. The budgeting and scheduling has been done. The casting is being done as this gets launched. Five songs have been composed. The lyrics have been written. The arrangement and recording has begun as this goes live.

Why go in for crowdfunding?

When we see any one type of film becoming the only kind of film made, for example a Dabangg, it’s because films are driven by market forces. And one successfull blockbuster ends up in another hundred copies being made. But on a platform such as this, you can choose stories that engage your mind and leave you with not just entertainment which is primary, but also something to think about.

How will the money be used?

Composition & Recording: 200000

Offline Post Production: 300000
Online Post Production: 400000
Admin Cost: 100000

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Innuendo: An Indie Film from Bangalore

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In Conversation with Actress Kanika Batra: On Indie Film “Station”, Theatre and More

“I already have a career, I already have work, I will not run after a role. I will do anything that creatively challenges me though.”

After conversations with the director Saad Khan, producer Sumit Ghosh and DOP Venkat Gangadhari, we now present to you excerpts from a conversation with Kanika Batra, who’s portrayed one of the prominent roles in the indie film- Station that is due for release this Friday (28th March).

Station, your theatrical debut is up for release this Friday. Where did your journey till here begin?

Kanika BatraI am based out of Bangalore basically. I have been into theatre ever since I was a young girl and I have  done musicals and other theatre performances. I was part of Saad’s  first musical play in fact and that is how I know him. I was also part of the first batch of centre stage, his theatre company and that is how Station happened.

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