Regional Cinema: What Prevents it from Reaching out to a Wider Audience?

Lijo Jose Pellissery’s recent Malayalam film Angamaly Diaries has become an online favourite over the last couple of weeks or so. Thanks to screenings supported and promoted by filmmaker Bejoy Nambiar, people at 1018mb went on to organize a few screenings of the film in Mumbai. And there are already a couple of screenings lined up later this month. One has seen audiences thronging these screenings, this includes members of the film fraternity as well as media circle, and nearly everyone has only good things to talk about the film. It also helped that Lijo Jose Pellissery himself and a few others from the Angamaly Diaries team have been present for these screenings, indulging in a Q & A with the audience later on.  This is not the first time that something like this is happening. It has happened in the past with Lijo’s own Malayalam film, Amen (2013). Once again it was thanks to a screening arranged by Bejoy Nambiar that people started talking about the film.Continue reading “Regional Cinema: What Prevents it from Reaching out to a Wider Audience?”

The Best of Indian Cinema in 2014: A Perspective

At the very outset I wish to express that I personally felt that 2014 was overall an ordinary year for Indian Cinema. It was largely devoid of truly path breaking content and Hindi Cinema in particular was very disappointing, especially the second half of the year. This is even more alarming considering that the 1st quarter of the year saw some decent films like Dedh Ishqiya, Hasee Toh Phasee, Highway, Queen and true blue indie films like Ashim Ahluwalia’s Miss Lovely, the long pending Om-Dar-B-Dar of Kamal Swaroop and Rajat Kapoor’s Ankhon Dekhi. The last among the films mentioned (Ankhon Dekhi) in particular was a delight, more on that later. But with subsequent weeks throwing up disappointment after disappointment, I had almost given up on the year but thank goodness for the last 2 Fridays of the year which brought in some relief. 19th December saw Raj Kumar Hirani’s Aamir Khan spectacle PK release, one of the most awaited films  of the year while 26th December saw Anurag Kashyap’s long pending Ugly release. PK for me is Raj Kumar Hirani’s weakest film, but it is still an earnest film and Aamir thankfully is good in the film. So while I have no problem with the film’s spectacular success, I do oppose the way the so called moral and religious police are dragging it into an unnecessary controversy.Continue reading “The Best of Indian Cinema in 2014: A Perspective”

Ban the "Bans" this Independence Day

MNIKWe take pride in brow beating every time saying we are the largest Democracy in the world.But when it comes to Democratic practices like Freedom of Speech, it seems this applies only to politicians and not the common Citizen. Remember last year when after the death of a Regional political party leader, the Police arrested two 21 year olds over a Facebook remark and like, while the great city of Mumbai was paying respect by closing down business for three days,which it did not even do even when Pakistani terrorists attacked us on 26/11.Continue reading “Ban the "Bans" this Independence Day”

The New Indian Cinema-Vihir and Gandu

We love to celebrate the fact that we are the best in the World despite the mediocrity of things which we do and produce. All our streets have world famous eateries or beauty parlours and similarly our filmmakers have been trying to make crossover films, now I guess since a decade. Yet Indian Filmmakers have not reached anywhere and there are tall claims which are always made like a recent instance of 7am Arivu’s producer mentioning it as a global Tamil Film, whatever that means, or more recently a section of people saying RA.One cannot be ignored and in my opinion both of these films could be overlooked and we would still be the same nation; producing movies with song and dance, which foreigners find funny and amusing.Continue reading “The New Indian Cinema-Vihir and Gandu”

10 heartbreaks of Indian cinema to cry for

Emotion is the complex psycho physiological experience of an individual’s state of mind as interacting with biomechanical(internal) and environmental(external) influences.(Source: Wikipedia)

Tears are the secretion of the glands that clean and lubricate the eyes. Strong emotions, such as sorrow or elation, may lead to an increased production of tears. (Source: Wikipedia)

Human emotions are very tough to analyse and especially when it comes to movies, we are normally at tears for spending our money in watching movies which did not deserve a view or some additional costs involved if it’s a family outing to the nearby multiplex.Continue reading “10 heartbreaks of Indian cinema to cry for”