Ki & Ka Movie Review: Gender Dynamics for Dummies

The thing about R. Balki is that he is a truly gifted man. He has the talent to come up with the most unorthodox ideas, and present them in the most credible manner on celluloid. In his capacity as an ad filmmaker, it is safe to say that he is par none. After all, withContinue reading “Ki & Ka Movie Review: Gender Dynamics for Dummies”

Trailer of Gajendra Ahire's Touring Talkies

Gajendra Ahire has recently been quoted in an interview saying if possible he will even make a film everyday.  Though that certainly was an exaggeration, he does make films at breakneck speed. After his debut film the National Award winning Not Only Mrs. Raut released in 2003 he has gone on to make 39 moreContinue reading “Trailer of Gajendra Ahire's Touring Talkies”

Nayagan : Mani Ratnam’s Tour De Force

With ‘Mouna Raagam’ the film industry took notice of ace director Mani Ratnam, however  the one film that firmly entrenched his name in the memory of movie industry, critics and audiences alike was ‘Nayagan’. The film starring Kamal Hassan as Sakthivelu Naiker was loosely based on the life of famed gangster ‘Varadrajan Mudaliar.’