Kanal Movie Review: Revenge Tale that Works in Parts

It isn’t easy making a thriller, and certainly not one that has revenge as its core theme. Why isn’t it easy? Well simple-for years together we’ve grown up on a staple diet of such films, some of them have worked, and many didn’t work as well. The ones which worked well had their reasons, probably the tale by itself was interesting, add to it a taut screenplay and narrative and perhaps a good star cast as well. Of course some of these films which didn’t work also must have got some of these elements right, but slipped on the way somewhere along. Personally I have always been found of revenge stories, and admired anyone who can come up with a compelling one even today. Of course it doesn’t quite happen all that often these days to be honest, on the rare such occasion I do feel happy though. Now that I’ve seen M.Padmakumar’s Kanal, it’s only natural for me now to think along these lines. Continue reading “Kanal Movie Review: Revenge Tale that Works in Parts”

1 By Two: Trailer

1 By Two- Fahadh FaasilEditor turned director Arun Kumar Aravind seems to be one of the more promising Malayalam filmmakers around with back to back successful films like Ee Adutha Kaalathu and Left Right Left. It looks like he might end up with one more release towards the end of the year with 1 By Two, produced by Rakesh Bahuleyan. Continue reading “1 By Two: Trailer”

Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus and Kunjananthante Kada: Mammootty Double Bill that works, to an extent

Kunjananthante Kada-MammoottyHere’s wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous Onam.

Mammootty seems to be in a catch-22 situation these days. He is still searching for that elusive big hit and/or a film which will once again make his fans and critics appreciative of his presence and choice of script. Continue reading “Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus and Kunjananthante Kada: Mammootty Double Bill that works, to an extent”

Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus: Trailer

DSCIt’s a known fact by now that Mammootty has been having a mixed fortune at the box office of late. In the current year while he started off with the disastrous Kammath & Kammath, he regained some ground with Immanuel and had two releases last month- the highly disappointing Kadal Kadannu Oru Mathukutty and a way better Kunjananthante Kada. Continue reading “Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus: Trailer”

Anchu Sundarikal: Trailer

5 SundarikalAnthology films are in vogue now & Anchu Sundarikal (5 beautiful  women) is one such forthcoming Malayalam movie. The brainchild of cinematographer turned filmmaker, Amal Neerad, Anchu Sundarikal looks at women of 5 types- mother,daughter,lover, wife and actress through 5 short films.Continue reading “Anchu Sundarikal: Trailer”

Thank You (Malayalam Movie): Trailer

Thank You Malayalam Film PosterV.K.Prakash is certainly one of the Malayalam filmmakers with a clear eye on quality and quantity when it comes to output. In the recent past he has produced films quite different from each other.While films like Beautiful and Trivandrum Lodge worked, films like Karmayogi and Poppins did not.Continue reading “Thank You (Malayalam Movie): Trailer”

Trivandrum Lodge Movie Review : Sex is in the air :)

With every movie, Anoop Menon pushes the envelope a little higher (or the sheets a little lower) in dealing with immorality in the Malayali’s social life. Kerala is a state with a large independent woman class but revels curiously in its suppressed sexual desires – Malayalam sahityam must have broken many of its taboos long time back but its cinema is still circumspect when dealing with sex (a sensibility that did not exist once upon a time, mind you).Continue reading “Trivandrum Lodge Movie Review : Sex is in the air :)”