Kick Movie Review : Definitely Not A Kick In Your Guts

kickI took an additional day after watching Salman Khan’s Kick to consolidate my thoughts about the film before I put them down here for you. As a movie analyst, it is imperative that I do not let any predilection cloud my objective point of view about the film, nor should I project my immediate reaction of it without giving it a second thought. Having said that, we can all revel in the fact that ‘Bhai’ is back this Eid. Yes, and his latest offering is directed by his long time producer Sajid Nadiadwala who makes the jump with this film. Post the debacle of Jai Ho earlier this year, Salman went all out selling Kick to the world, shrugging complacency out of himself. Rightly so. He must not throwaway the super stardom he has worked so hard for, only due to one film. Mounted on an¬†ominously large scale, Bhai fans (read Bhai-tards) looked forward to it with bated breath.¬†Continue reading “Kick Movie Review : Definitely Not A Kick In Your Guts”

Bol Bachchan- Trailer

Rohit Shetty teams up with Ajay Devgn yet again and this time they are joined by Abhishek Bachchan .Rohit who has successfully established himself with his over the top comic capers like the Golmaal series, now remakes the original Golmaal albeit in his own characteristic way and the end result is Bol Bachchan.The trailers starts with the names of the movies which Rohit and Ajay have done in the past, conveniently skipping Sunday and Zameen.Continue reading “Bol Bachchan- Trailer”

Bommalattam Movie Review- Glimpses of the Master Director- Bharathiraja

After a hiatus of 4 years the master director Bharathiraja (BR from here on) returned with a movie in the thriller genre- Bommalattam. For a very long time BR has been among the popular & critically acclaimed directors in Tamil Cinema.Continue reading “Bommalattam Movie Review- Glimpses of the Master Director- Bharathiraja”