Hero (2019) Tamil Movie Review: The Origin Story of A Fraudster

The superhero genre has been under much discussion in recent times, with each camp divided over the same. In India, this genre is difficult to establish due to the followings 1) Our Heroes can literally do everything right from dance to fights 2) Most of our superheros are just blessed with divine powers. Continue reading “Hero (2019) Tamil Movie Review: The Origin Story of A Fraudster”

The Great Wall: Trailer

The-Great-Wall-Movie-Poster-640x1014After The Flowers Of War (featuring Christian Bale), acclaimed Asian director Zhang Yimou (Hero, House Of Flying Daggers) makes yet another detour to Hollywood with The Great Wall. The film which stars Matt Damon tells the story of the mystery centered around the construction of the Great Wall Of China.

Besides Damon, the film also stars Willem Dafoe and Andy Lau in principal roles. The film has between co-written by Yimou and Tony Gilroy who is known for writing The Bourne Ultimatum and directing the George Clooney starrer Micheal Clayton. The story is penned by director Edward Zwick (The Last Samurai, Blood Diamond) and shot by Stuart Dryburgh (Analyse This,The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty).

The Great Wall is scheduled for a December 2017 release in China and Singapore and will release in U.S and U.K in February 2017. Meanwhile, do have a look at the trailer of the film and let us know your views on it.

Katti Batti Movie Review: The Tragic Death of Romantic Comedy

578197574-Katti_6(This post contains spoilers )

I didn’t have much expectations from Katti Batti. The trailers looked somewhat drab, the music – a vital ingredient of any worthwhile Hindi rom-com – was uninspiring, and most annoyingly Kangana Ranaut looked like stretching her ‘Tanu spirit’ beyond the thresholds of predictability and well into the zone of annoyance.Continue reading “Katti Batti Movie Review: The Tragic Death of Romantic Comedy”

Hero (2015) Movie Review: Boring Drivel

We are living in fluid flux ridden times, we Indians. We are. In almost every public sphere of life and existence, there is a decided shift against inheritance and for merit. Be it politics, business or even smaller work spaces, the idea of letting sons take over your mantle whether they deserve it or not is fast losing the social acceptance it enjoyed all these years.Continue reading “Hero (2015) Movie Review: Boring Drivel”

Hero ( Malayalam Movie )- Trailer

Director Diphan and Prithviraj combined together to give a successful film,Puthiya Mugam in 2009. While Puthiya Mugam was found to be a bit extravagant on the action front ( more on the lines of a masala Tamil/Telugu film ) what cannot be dismissed are the wonderful songs composed by Deepak Dev which are popular even now. Now nearly 3 years later Diphan and Prithviraj return again with Hero. From the looks of it this probably falls in the same genre as Puthiya Mugam and here Prithiviraj plays a stuntman named Tarzan Antony.

The film is now also being looked forward to as the female lead is played by Yami Gautam, the flavour of the season after getting noticed for her remarkable screen presence in Vicky Donor. The film also co-stars Tamil actor Srikanth, Bala, Anoop Menon, Thalaivasal Vijay etc. Hero has music by Gopi Sundar and Bharani K.Dharan is the DOP. Written by Vinod Guruvayur, Hero is produced by Seven Arts International. Due for release on 25th May, here’s a look at the trailer which is a bit disappointing as it hardly conveys much.

A Tribute To Sanjeev Kumar

More than two decades have passed since Sanjeev Kumar died, but his performances still remain fresh in my mind. He was undoubtedly one of the best actors Indian cinema has seen. But sadly, today he is mostly remembered mainly by way of the innumerable spoofs on his character of Thakur Baldev Singh from Sholay.Continue reading “A Tribute To Sanjeev Kumar”