Puli Movie Review: Lofty in Ambition, Mediocre in Output

Chimbu Deven who started his career as a cartoonist with the popular Tamil magazine, Ananda Vikatan went on to turn filmmaker with Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi (2006). A period comedy, the film was widely accepted for its novelty and made comedian Vadivelu acceptable as a hero as well. Chimbu Deven then went on to make more films like the contemporary fantasy Arai En 305 il Kadavul (2008), the western comedy Irumbukottai Murattu Singam (2010) and a contemporary tale like Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavaanikalum (2014). When it was announced that his next film would be with Vijay it didn’t really surprise me as he did have a decent track record to talk about. But considering that the film in question, Puli was to be a period fantasy adventure, I was quite skeptical. Skeptical only because of the fact that a project like this is expected to be a little too ambitious and isn’t something that everyone can actually deliver.Continue reading “Puli Movie Review: Lofty in Ambition, Mediocre in Output”

Movies and the Misogynist Concussion!

We all know what movies have been doing to the common man. Just that we choose to look away, every single time! Though movies have always been looked upon as entertainment, one can’t just stand in denial of the fact that movies have always influenced the behavior of the general lot of the society in a large scale. The aspect may keep varying from one stratum to another and one person to another. But movies have always occupied a larger-than-life place in the Indian mindset. Period.Continue reading “Movies and the Misogynist Concussion!”

Meaghamann Movie Review: True-blue Action, Served in Style!

Despite the obvious surplus of regional movies that tout themselves as super-hit action dhamakas, an entity called ‘a logical, racy action thriller that truly entertains’ is kind of a rarity. I would even go the distance to compare it to the unicorn as it is only rumored to exist, making it literally ‘next to impossible’ to actually find any in our commercial cinema space. The reasons are many. Our mainstream industry still operates in the understanding that Indians can never really move on from the ‘lunch thali‘ mindset in their movies. The main dish (genre) may be anything under the sun, but irrespective of that, the belief hitherto was that all other 23 essentials must be served to the audience for a ‘paisaa vasool’ experience.Continue reading “Meaghamann Movie Review: True-blue Action, Served in Style!”

Aranmanai Movie Review: Ghost Movie Blues!

This debacle can be explained only one way. No three ways about it 🙂  It appears to me that on one inspired night, Sundar had watched ‘Amman’. ‘Rajakaliamman;, ‘Palhayathamman’, ‘Dhurgaiamman’ and ‘Padaiveethamman’ back to back on a repeated loop and ended it all with ‘Chandramukhi’ before going to bed. The lucky chap wakes up the next morning in the middle of a vivid dream where Andrea, Hansika and Raai Laxmi (sporting one rupee coin bhindis) fight in thin air a la ‘Matrix’ style with long bearded and thick eyebrow-ed Tantris trying to control them. Cut to Sundar.C, the influential person that he is, jotting down a few lines, and proceeding to convince Kushboo that die-hard fans, who obviously wont give two  (or three) hoots about the script or screenplay are very much there for Andrea, Laxmi and Hansika! He then makes a few phone calls and then bankrolls Aranmanai. The rest, as they say, is history.Continue reading “Aranmanai Movie Review: Ghost Movie Blues!”

Vaalu: Trailer

Vaalu PosterVaalu is a Tamil film which was launched with much fanfare in 2012 and was originally slated for a Diwali release that year.Produced by S.S.Chakravarthy of NIC Arts, the film is directed by debutant director Vijay Chandar. Featuring Simbu aka STR in the lead, the film sees him paired with Hansika Motwani (apparently the 2 fell in and out of a relationship as well during the making). Giving them company are Santhanam, VTV Ganesh, Aditya, Aadukalam Naren etc. While the music is by Thaman.S, Shakthi is the DOP and T.S.Suresh is the editor.Continue reading “Vaalu: Trailer”

Maan Karate Movie Review: Smartly Packaged But with Clichés Galore

Maan Karate PoseThere are certain films which exude a completely wonderful sense of confidence on how it would turn out at the box office. Such films see a lot of merit in getting the ‘packaging’ completely right, regardless of how the content inside turns out to be. Tamil Cinema throws up such films in front of us from time to time, and we the audience lap them up too, almost always. Thirukumaran’s Maan Karate the latest Tamil release was a film which for a host of reasons struck me to be one such film. The film had a fresh new pair in the lead-Sivakarthikeyan and Hansika Motwani. Needless to say bot the actors are quite popular and have been having a good track record in recent times. Then the film has music by the hot and happening Anirudh Ravichander, whose contribution seems to be already clear thanks to the popular songs. Above all you have the contribution of A.R.Murugadoss to whom the story is credited and who has also backed the film (Thirukumaran being a former associate of his). If all these weren’t enough reasons for me to feel confident about the film, the trailer (though nothing great) promised a through & through entertainer.Continue reading “Maan Karate Movie Review: Smartly Packaged But with Clichés Galore”

Maan Karate: Trailer

Maan-KarateSivakarthikeyan is one of the more successful actors these days among the younger lot in Tamil Cinema. Last year in particular was spectacular for him with the triple success of Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga, Ethir Neechal and Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam. He is now ready with his next film, Maan Karate which sees him teamed up with Hansika Motwani for the 1st time. Maan Karate is based on a story by A.R.Murugadoss & the screenplay and direction is by Thirukumaran, a former associate of A.R.Murugadoss. The film also features Soori, Vamsi Krishna, Sathish etc. Maan Karate is produced by P.Madhan and A.R.Murugadoss while Anirudh Ravichander has composed the music. M.Sukumar is the DOP and A.Sreekar Prasad is the editor of the film. Continue reading “Maan Karate: Trailer”

Biriyani Movie Review: This Biriyani is Harmless but isn’t Tasty

Biriyani PosterVenkat Prabhu made a smooth transition from acting to filmmaking with Chennai 600028 which till date remains his best film, not just for me but for a whole lot of others following his career. Connecting cricket and cinema, two things that appeal the most to Indians, the film was peppered with a lot of humour and was as realistic as it could get. The film also enabled a whole lot of younger actors to emerge into the forefront. While his next two films Saroja and Goa couldn’t repeat the same magic of Chennai 600028, nevertheless they were still fun films by and large. Continue reading “Biriyani Movie Review: This Biriyani is Harmless but isn’t Tasty”

Biriyani: Trailer

Biriyani_(film)_posterVenkat Prabhu is a Tamil filmmaker who has been able to keep his films light and frothy and yet look a little different from each other. He has also been noticed for introducing and encouraging new talent in his films. After establishing himself with Chennai-600028, Saroja and Goa and working with people in his comfort zone he moved to the big league with Mankatha (2011), where he worked with a big star like Ajith for the first time. Continue reading “Biriyani: Trailer”