Guns and Guitars-A Musical Travelogue: First Look

Newark Film Festival 2016Bidyut Kotoky‘s Guns and Guitars-A Musical Travelogue,a documentary on the music scene (against the backdrop of violence) in North-East India is now finally ready and about to start it’s festival round. The film has just been officially selected as part of this year’s Newark International Film Festival (

For more about the film, you can read Bidyut’s posts on MAM here.

Here’s the first look promo of the film-

“Restaurant/ Shop cum Petrol/Diesel Dealer”

Guns & Guitars“Any policies, any programs, project (of the central govt.) we want to apply, we always get nullified because we don’t meet up with the population criteria. Are you indirectly propagating population explosion? In the line of carbon credit  we too should get something called population credit, because we are controlling the population of the country – we are just 17 persons per square km” – the young Parliamentary Secretary (Tourism) from Arunachal, Mr. Pasang Dorjee Sona, was telling me. Although generally I don’t have much to agree with politicians, here I didn’t have much option but to nod in agreement.Continue reading ““Restaurant/ Shop cum Petrol/Diesel Dealer””

Mizoram – ‘Land of the Hill People’

How does it feel to return to a place after 21 years – a place which used to be your second home in your growing up years? …I was trying to figure out the feeling as our Jeep had started to climb the Mizo hills on the afternoon of 7th of May, 2011. The memories were playing hide and seek with me… my father was posted in Aizawl, the capital town of Mizoram, for 5 years or so starting 1985. Continue reading “Mizoram – ‘Land of the Hill People’”