GHAR (1978): Finding Home

I have been watching a lot of old Hindi films on Amazon Prime of late, given the lockdown it is strange that Bollywood is giving me solace, it is my comfort zone. I must say that I was surprised by Ghar, a pleasant departure for a film that talks about rape and rape victims and the people close to them. After the horrific Nirbhaya Delhi case there have been many films where rape has been a pivotal point only to take the narrative arc of having a male hero or even films like MOM where the only retribution is the killing of the preparators of crime.Continue reading “GHAR (1978): Finding Home”

Love is all around me

It was a regular Saturday afternoon with vegetable shopping being the first one to be ticked off the checklist which brought me to my present avatar of ferrying the wife to the market and making do with taking rounds of the neighbourhood till a good parking spot is filled in. I tuned into a random radio station to kill time for the next 40minutes and it had the contrarian effect. Continue reading “Love is all around me”


Bollywood or the Indian Film Industry has never had a dearth of love stories. On the contrary, they find a way out to insert a love angle in almost every movie they make. And who can forget that the most popular Hindi songs are also from the tales of romances. To top everything, love stories are time tested formula for saving many an actor’s career or giving it a thrust.Continue reading “THE UNCONVENTIONAL ROMANCES”