Game of Thrones Season 6 (2016) Review : The Winds of Winter Are A-Blowin’

There really is nothing quite like Game of Thrones, is there? Even in the middle of what is being called the new Golden Age of Television, where path breaking prestige shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Hannibal, Fargo and The Wire have redefined the limits of what can be done through the medium, the complexity of themes that can be juggled in a long-form episodic format, and the intricacies of audience engagement, HBO’s Game of Thrones stands alone, distinguished not just by the cacophony of its unprecedented fan following or by the awe-inspiring scale of its production these days, but also for its unique authorial challenges and, for a popular show of this magnitude, the darkness of its worldview.Continue reading “Game of Thrones Season 6 (2016) Review : The Winds of Winter Are A-Blowin’”

GAME OF THRONES- Season 6: An Essay


It is not often that a good episode on TV fills you with such unadulterated joy that you want to revisit the same to truly believe the magic of what you have just seen or savour each moment of what you watched with sheer anticipation in the first go. It is almost unequivocally believed that barring Jon Snow’s resuscitation and Hodor’s tragic death, Season 6 of Game of Thrones has been insipid by the standards it set for itself in the last five years.Continue reading “GAME OF THRONES- Season 6: An Essay”

Best 5-Modern TV Series

Television amazes me with everything that comes out and just leaves me gasping as too why movies can’t be this good. I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that some of the most creative writing, mind-blowing direction, performances and refreshing & completely honest to the story cinematography that we can see comes from television. Without any further blabbing these are some of my favorite Crime/Drama modern TV shows that I have been obsessed with the loads that I have seen and some which does not make it cos haven’t done watching with them. This is my list and these are my favorites and I don’t mean to be insulting towards what you like so don’t go all gangsta troll on me by shoving down your opinion not being in the list. However, I would love to know your favorites. Will try and keep the spoilers to the minimum. So with much further ado here we go:

Continue reading “Best 5-Modern TV Series”

Headhunters a.k.a Hodejegerne (2011): Scandinavian Noir Cinema

Scandinavian Noir is turning into one of the finest genres of our time and Headhunters adds to this growing genre. And like the jewel in its crown, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, it is also being considered for a Hollywood treatment.
 The movie starts out looking like just another crime film in a foreign language and as it builds on, it winds you up, pulls you in and unlike many other films also manages to deliver that knockout punch. The knockout punch is everything that it should be and if you think it is a tad bit early or too detailed, do consider the whole scenario again and when you think about it, you’ll end up satisfied.Continue reading “Headhunters a.k.a Hodejegerne (2011): Scandinavian Noir Cinema”