TVF Presents their latest web series — FATHERS. It doesn’t get funnier than this.

Watch the first episode of TVF’s FATHERS here — 

Hot on the heels of the acclaimed web series Humorously Yours, The Viral Fever has released their next web series FATHERS. Starring a trio of on-screen fathers – Brijendra Kala, Gajraj Rao and Atul Srivastava, the show follows their misadventures as they try to keep up with the times & the younger generation. Continue reading “TVF Presents their latest web series — FATHERS. It doesn’t get funnier than this.”

Talvar Movie Review: Is it sharp enough?

This review comes in a bit late and by now most of you have figured out what the movie is based on. For those who haven’t been in touch with the digital world for the past week (like me), Talvar is based on the 2008 Noida “double murder” of Arushi Talwar and Hemraj ( Get the title now? So so subtle right ?. More on the title later). I had seen the promos of this films a while ago and to be frank they didn’t quite impress me. It seemed like one of those films whose whole purpose was to cash in on the hype. But back then I didn’t notice that it was written by Vishal Bhardwaj, for whom I have high regards. If that was not compelling enough, the movie has got some good reviews overall. So coming to the question that matters,is this Talvar sharp enough to make the cut ? Read on to find out.Continue reading “Talvar Movie Review: Is it sharp enough?”

Talvar Movie Review: Oh, What A Film!

I wanted to take some time out after watching Meghna Gulzar and Vishal Bharadwaj’s Talvar earlier today before I write about it, just to consolidate my thoughts. Now, we all are very well acquainted with the Aarushi Talwar double murder case of 2008 which is still ongoing. Her parents are still in jail and fighting for innocence largely due to a botched up crime scene and lack of factual evidence. If anyone has not heard about it, it is might as well suggested to take the subscription of latest newspaper daily with immediate effect, or alternately, just open your eyes and ears to the world. Continue reading “Talvar Movie Review: Oh, What A Film!”

Bhootnath Returns Movie Review: The Friendly Ghost Turns Socially & Politically Active

Bhootnath Returns PosterBhootnath (2008), directed by Vivek Sharma was a loose adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s The Canterville Ghost, which was reasonably appreciated for its engaging tale of a friendly ghost Bhootnath aka Kailashnath (Amitabh Bachchan), the lovable brat Banku (Aman Siddiqui) and his mother Anjali Sharma (Juhi Chawla). It was a slight departure for Bollywood where one usually associates the presence of a ghost in a film with out and out horror/supernatural thriller element and not with a supernatural comedy. Post Bhootnath the producer Ravi Chopra and his firm, the legendary B.R.Productions have been saddled with a series of health issues and financial and legal impediments respectively. Hence with the sequel to Bhootnath i.e. Bhootnath Returns getting announced, it was but only expected that there would be a lot of expectations from the movie. Would the sequel be able to appeal to the family audience and kids in particular like the previous film? Would the film be able to help Ravi Chopra and B.R.Productions to sort out most of their financial issues? And most importantly how does it feel to see the one and only Amitabh Bachchan in the centre stage in a movie after quite some time?Continue reading “Bhootnath Returns Movie Review: The Friendly Ghost Turns Socially & Politically Active”