The American screenwriter and Film director, Jeffrey Reddick to be a judge at Sixth Sense Horror Film Festival  

Sixth Sense Horror Film Festival, by Resources Go Beyond is scheduled to be held from 18th to 20th of May 2017 at YB Chauhan and Ravindra Natya Mandir in Mumbai. The three day short film festival is dedicated to honoring and celebrating the legacy to short horror films. It aims to appreciate and support established and upcoming filmmakers dedicated to the horror genre.

Jeffrey Reddick, an American screenwriter and film director, best known for creating The Final Destination franchise, will be a part of a Panel discussion with Film makers, Workshop for VFX, editing, etc, and judging the movies to crown the​ final winner at the Sixth Sense Horror Film Festival.

Jeffrey Reddick made his first connection to the film industry, at age 14, when he wrote a prequel to “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and mailed it Bob Shaye, the President of New Line Cinema.

Jeffrey shot to fame with the creation of “Final Destination,” which opened in 2000 and earned over $100 Million at the worldwide box office.  Jeffrey co-wrote the story and Executive Produced “Final Destination 2,” which also crossed the $100 million mark worldwide.  With the release of the fifth “Final Destination” in 2011, Jeffrey cemented his status as one of the few screenwriters to create an enduring horror franchise, which has made over a billion dollars at the worldwide box office, home video and other ancillary markets.Continue reading “The American screenwriter and Film director, Jeffrey Reddick to be a judge at Sixth Sense Horror Film Festival  “

Into the Storm (2014) Movie Review: A Visual Spectacle, Little Else

Director: Steven Quale
Rating: ***

During my college days, I recall came out of a theatre playing Jan De Bont’s Twister, impressed with what I had seen. The relentless battery of the special effects and amplified sound on your senses shakes you up a bit. Now if I see the same film on TV, it looks a little silly with cardboard characters and a poetic justice kind of ending. I predict a similar fate for Into the Storm; impressive when you experience it on the big screen, but will no doubt be forgotten in the years to come.

In fact, besides tornados as central character, ITS constantly reminds you Twister in terms of its characters, its setting (Oklahoma), its structure and its ending. The only difference is that while Twister was about tracking tornados to insert small crystal balls into its funnel, ITS is about tracking them to film the inside of its eye. To this end, a documentary filmmaker (Matt Walsh) has created Titus, a vehicle built like an armoured tank with legs that dig into the earth to make it immobile. Tagging along is a camera crew and an expert on tornados (Sarah Wayne Callies) who is constantly at loggerheads with the filmmaker.Continue reading “Into the Storm (2014) Movie Review: A Visual Spectacle, Little Else”