Oorvazi Irani’s next film – “Anahita’s Law” raises relevant questions on cast & gender-based stereotyping in the 21st century

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The Path of Zarathustra Movie Review

Cast: Oorvazi Irani, Tom Alter, Rushad Rana, Shishir Sharma, Darius Shroff, Firdausi Jussawalla, Vivek Tandon
Director: Oorvazi Irani.

“The film reminds me of Alice In Wonderland,” I remember the director’s remark about her film in a candid chat, soon after the end title starts rolling. Now I truly understand why Oorvazi Irani relates her debut feature film to the classic fantasy. While Alice In Wonderland is a tale of a girl who falls through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world and encounters quirky characters. The Path Of Zarathustra narrates the story of a young Parsi woman — Oorvazi (played by Oorvazi Irani) , who embarks upon a spiritual quest after inheriting a mysterious book from her dying grandfather (Tom Alter) and encounters famed spiritual figures of Zoroastrians—Kardir (Vivek Tandon), Zurvan (Shishir Sharma), Mani (Firdausi Jussawalla), and Mazdak (Darius Shroff).Continue reading “The Path of Zarathustra Movie Review”

The Path Of Zarathustra Movie Review: Well-intentioned, But Not Very Well Made

Oorvazi Irani’s The Path Of Zarathustra gets a release this Friday, thanks to the undying efforts of the team and great support by PVR Director’s Rare to back another indie film. The film focuses on the dwindling state of the Parsi community in India, definitely a rare issue touched and raised by its makers. Produced by SBI Impresario, a company owned by Oorvazi’s father, the film has minimal budgets and thus, no real buzz in the market out there. Yet, it has managed to secure around 4 odd screens in Mumbai and is also releasing in other important cities (Delhi,Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore). The Path Of Zarathustra is a well-intentioned film no doubt, focusing on a community that the Industry has only used for caricatures, but despite being sensitive to our times, it ends up being a little misfired in its own right.  Continue reading “The Path Of Zarathustra Movie Review: Well-intentioned, But Not Very Well Made”

‘The Path of Zarathustra’ to be released by PVR Director’s Rare in September

‘The Path of Zarathustra’ is all set to release under the PVR Director’s Rare banner on 4th September. Directed by Oorvazi Irani and produced by Sorab Irani, the movie touches upon the theme of Parsi community and their ancient faith-Zoroastrianism, founded by the First Prophet, Zarathustra. This English language movie will see a release in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi/NCR, Bangalore and Surat.
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The Path of Zarathustra: Trailer

The Path of Zarathustra PosterOorvazi Irani who incidentally also happens to be one of our esteemed authors has now made the transition to directing a feature film with The Path of Zarathustra. The film is in the realm of magic realism and it will be a 79 minute feature in English. As Oorvazi herself says “As a Parsi Zoroastrian film maker, faced with the prospect of extinction, in this narrative film I turn to my roots to ask some questions, seek some answers. As an auteur I also extend my contribution in playing the role of the protagonist in the film. Parsis being the followers of the First Prophet – Zarathustra, the film through a fictional personal quest explores the Parsi Identity through the prism of Zoroastrian history and philosophy. The film is specific yet universal, addressing the theme of God and Religion.”

The film is produced by Sorab Irani, has music by Vasuda Sharma and is written by Farrukh Dhondy. While Sudhadeep Dey is the DOP and Tushar Ghogale is the editor. The film features Oorvazi herself as the protagonist and the rest of the star cast includes Tom Alter, Rushad Rana, Shishir Sharma, Darius Shroff, Firdausi Jussawala, Vivek Tandon etc.

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Close Encounters with Charles Sobhraj : The Serial Killer


Charles Sobhraj with Oorvazi Irani in London 2002
Charles Sobhraj with Oorvazi Irani in London 2002


‘A filmmaker’s role is to probe reality not imitate it’

Any work of cinematic art is based on reality in some way or the other, more so if you choose to make a film on a real person – none other than the infamous serial killer Charles Sobhraj – it can prove to be exciting times and also dangerous times. What is the relationship of such a film to the real world, how does the film go beyond mere dramatizing facts and get elevated to delving on the human condition.Continue reading “Close Encounters with Charles Sobhraj : The Serial Killer”

The K File – A Short Film Review

Ajmal Kasab’s trial has been a matter of great frustration to the people of India. It has been more than 3 years since his arrest but an end to the matter is still not in sight. Oorvazi Irani’s short film K-File attempts to give a vent to the simmering anger amongst the public. The film definitely succeeds in its intentions and ends up being a cathartic experience for its viewers.

K-File, though purposefully heavily borrowing from the real world, chooses to take the fictionalized route to reflect on reality. The story and screenplay by Farrukh Dhondy is of a Home Minister facing the dilemma of the case of a terrorist(Asab) under a long controversial trial, much like Kasab’s in the real world, and the solution he employs to put the whole matter to an end.

Oorvazi Irani has deftly handled the job of direction. She and Farrukh Dhondy are brave enough to explore sensitive topics like minority politics without any inhibitions.  The film is high on drama but not even once does Oorvazi let it go overboard. The performances that she has been able to extract from her actors, Tushar Ishwar as the Home Minister and Sanjay Nath as Asab, also go a long way in maintain the drama at a level that is very close to its boiling point but never crosses the mark. Sanjay Nath deserves special mention here for his exceptional performance as there is every chance of an actor hamming the role of a character which is a widely hated figure in public and thus reducing it to a caricature. Nath has also perfectly picked up the dialect and the tonal qualities you expect from a terrorist from Pakistan. Tushar Ishwar also makes the character of the Home Minister caught in a tricky situation very believable.

Martin Xavier’s cinematography also deserves a lot of praise. Oorvazi Irani who also doubles up as the art designer has shot the film at locations which feel very real. The prison cell is particularly notable. Also, Xavier’s use of light in the prison cell gives the whole atmosphere a grim and authentic look. Sorab Irani as the producer should be lauded for backing such a project. The production values right throughout the film is up to the mark.

The character of Asab feels slightly one-dimensional but there is nothing else you can fault with Dhondy’s script. The Home Minister is very smartly introduced by the screenplay with the use of dialogue. Finally, the fantastic twist in the story in the end certainly catches you unaware. Once the movie has sunk in after the end credits roll,with Ayan De’s effective background score, a smile is left on your face as you wonder whether the film has indeed found out a solution to the dilemma.

You can view the entire film below.

Making of The K File  is mentioned as a separate post on the link provided.


The making of “The K File” movie – The journey of an Independent Filmmaker – Oorvazi Irani


I would also like to formally invite you to “The K File” film page


‘Freedom’ to me is precious as an artist. Freedom to share, to express without an agenda of ‘money bags’. The freedom to speak the truth, the freedom to probe the truth. Not having to deal with a specific limited kind of audience in mind which you have to cater to. Not being ruled by a studio boss to approve your creative vision. That to me is Independent filmmaking.

So on 1st of March 2012 I set out on making my project a reality. It all started when the story and script of “The K File” written by Farrukh Dhondy (the respected author, columnist ,screenplay writer and erstwhile Commissioning Editor of Channel Four Tv London) was bought to me by my dad, Sorab Irani who is a veteran Producer for more than three decades.

After the euphoria of having freedom to create the film next came the challenge of being able to make a film with our limited personal funds. Arranging the money for it and then getting a professional crew to make the film, not compromising on quality but at the same time not going bankrupt was the thin line to tread.

The film was possible to a large extent because I own the Canon 5D mark ii camera and a sennheiser boom mike with a small beachtek sound adapter/mixer( that fits on the camera) which makes me courageous to take the next step that is putting together the crew to make the film. It was like minded people who had the passion for cinema and believed in the subject who came on board and supported the film with their talent, time and expertise. More about the crew and team in my next post.

I would like to share with you my thoughts about the film with these two video interviews. I look forward to an engagement on the topic and post the film launch ie 28th May 2012 a discussion on the cinematic aspects of the film and would be happy to receive reviews from you all.


The K File Movie Interview Part 1

The K File Movie Interview Part 2

Release Date Exclusive Online Release 28th may 2012
Genre Drama

Story & Screenplay By FARRUKH DHONDY