The Best of Tamil Cinema in 2015

2015 was an interesting year for Tamil Cinema with a variety of topics being explored. Some big films didn’t do well, while some small films made impact. Certain stars did well,while some of them didn’t really do well. Here are the films in my opinion which stood a little apart from the rest of the pack and made an impact this year.The movies aren’t sorted in any order of merit. Sorting is done based on release dates.Continue reading “The Best of Tamil Cinema in 2015”

Demonte Colony Movie Review: Intense Thrill Fest

Invoking fear has always been a popular and common theme in our movies. But off late, we have been witness to the genre being mercilessly abused and ripped apart under the garb of commerce. Not that I have anything against cliched horror comedies, but the sheer repetitious and unimaginative formula into which they have managed to confine ‘horror’ and dumb it down for the sake of ticking off all the audience boxes, depresses me. Isn’t good horror about tapping unpredictability, drawing on tension and building curiosity, without the need for fillers or padding up. The fear should suck us into the drama, genuinely feeling for the happenings on-screen, yearning for the events to pan out in a particular way, and then shock us by giving exactly what we yearn for, but with a twist. Every moment, the audience should be asking, ‘what possibly could be the catch here?’ . It’s the skillful exploitation of this anxiety, that makes the difference between a good film in the genre and a not-so-good one. I believe Ajay Gnanamuthu, a former assistant of AR Murugadoss, shows glimpses of some competent making even with his debut film, Demonte Colony, that turns out to be an honest and intense horror thriller.

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Demonte Colony: Trailer

Demonte Colony Poster 2From the makers of hit Tamil films like Kanchana and Mouna Guru comes a horror film now, Demonte Colony. Based on a real colony of the same name in Chennai which is supposedly a haunted colony in the heart of the city, the film is directed by R.Ajay Gnanamuthu and features Arulnithi in the lead. Keba Jeremiah is the music composer while Aravinnd Singh is the DOP and Bhuvan Srinivasan is the editor. Continue reading “Demonte Colony: Trailer”