Kaatru Veliyidai Movie Review: Enna Kodumai Idhu, O Kannamma!

It’s true what they say about how Mani Ratnam narrates a tale of love. The man has a way of going above and beyond the standard cinematic portrayals of romantic bonds, and ends up presenting it in a manner that any average cinegoer would identify with it. Post a minor lean spell, he bounced back with the absolutely refreshing OK Kanmani, a tale of two young souls in a metropolis attempting to push the boundaries of conventional relationships. However, with Kaatru Veliyidai, a movie whose title is borrowed from a Bharathiar poem, it seems like he is attempting to explore a relationship between two souls, defined only by its intensity. Will this be yet another classic from Madras Talkies?Continue reading “Kaatru Veliyidai Movie Review: Enna Kodumai Idhu, O Kannamma!”

Papanasam Movie Review: A Remake That Works as Well As the Original

Right after watching Jeethu Joseph’s Malayalam blockbuster Drishyam (2013) for the first time, I couldn’t but help wondering how it would be if it was remade in other languages and who would probably do maximum justice to the lead role played wonderfully by Mohanlal. Of course this was way before the film became a huge success,before the various controversies it landed in regarding the authenticity of the film and eventually various remakes getting announced , made and even released (in case of Telugu and Kannada). The only person I felt confident about in terms of fitting into Mohanlal’s shoes was Kamal Haasan for various reasons. For starters Kamal Haasan continues to remain a major star in Tamil Cinema, retaining his fan following all over South India. Talking about how good an actor he is would be a futile exercise as he has already found a firm place for himself among the all-time best Indian actors, similar to Mohanlal. And of course the role requires someone with a lot of maturity, an actor who would look convincing as a family man with a wife and two daughters, and yet be a hero whom the audience would root for.Continue reading “Papanasam Movie Review: A Remake That Works as Well As the Original”

Video of the Week: What if Batman Was From Chennai

Chennai-Batman 2Put Chutney which claims to be all about “South Side Stories” unveiled their first offering earlier this week. Cheekily titled “What if Batman Was From Chennai”, this short film is exactly what the title claims-a quirky way of looking at the World in & around Batman assuming he was from Chennai. Based on a meme created by writer Balakumaran, this video is directed by Tushar Ramakrishnan. Featuring a host of actors, some of them popular in Chennai’s film, theatre and stand-up comedy circuits (including veteran Delhi Ganesh), this is one rib tickler of a video. No wonder that it has quickly gained popularity in the couple of days since it went online.Continue reading “Video of the Week: What if Batman Was From Chennai”

Peruchazhi Movie Review: A Film of the Star, by the Star and for the Star

Note- Today (1st September,2014) MAM celebrates its 3rd anniversary as its been 3 years of madness about movies all the way. We thank all our authors, friends and well wishers for their support so far. Here’s to more more fun and madness after all we are Mad About Moviez, Cheers ! 🙂

After the stupendous success of Drishyam it was always going to be a humongous task for all filmmakers working with Mohanlal to come anywhere close to delivering a film that is not only successful but also manages to keep the fans and the general audience happy as well. B.Unnikrishnan’s Mr.Fraud, the actor’s first release this year saw the director trying to play it very safe by giving us a recycled tale with a contemporary touch and as expected the outcome was also not completely satisfactory. With Srinath Rajendran’s Koothara again the expectations were immense despite Mohanlal only having an extended cameo in the film. The reasons for the same being the actor’s peculiar getup and also the fact that it’s been ages since the veteran star has done a cameo and hence people were hoping that the film must have a lot of merit going for it which must have influenced his decision to accept the film. But what turned out was a complete disaster of a film and the extended cameo also turned out to be a totally bad decision.Continue reading “Peruchazhi Movie Review: A Film of the Star, by the Star and for the Star”

Peruchazhi: Trailer

Peruchazhi-2014Arun Vaidyanthan who got noticed for his Tamil film Achchamundu Achchamundu (2009) also turned producer recently with Kalyana Samayal Saadham (2013). He gets back to direction, this time with a Malayalam film-Peruchazhi (Bandicoot) which has been in the news since it was launched because it has none other than Mohanlal in the lead.Produced by Sandra Thomas and Vijay Babu of Friday Film House, the film is written by Arun Vaidynathan and Ajayan Venugopalan (dialogues). The music is by Arrora while Arvind Krishna is the DOP and Vivek Harshan is the editor.Continue reading “Peruchazhi: Trailer”

Oru Kanniyum Moondru Kalavaanikalum Movie Review: Fresh and almost ‘Funtastic’

OKMK-Poster 2Destiny. A single word which can answer almost any random question thrown at you, especially if you are not in a position to answer it. What exactly is this ‘destiny’ or ‘fate’ as some choose to call it ? In simple terms, let us presume that it is something a person is destined to? Can the sequence of our ‘pre-established’ life events, which roll out taking us to our ‘preordained’ destination be equaled to destiny? If so, there must be some power which ‘determines’ or ‘establishes’ the course of events beforehand, right? If destiny rules, are the personal choices and chances real or even the choices and chances are dictated by that ‘destiny’? Is destiny a matter of ‘choice and chance’ or is it a matter of ‘faith’? Can all life incidents and accidents be explained rationally and theologically with ‘destiny’ ? Since my role in life has already been given, is my job only to support it to the best of my capacity? Can I or any other variable make a difference to what has been ‘preset’? Talking about choice, are all things as straight forward as they seem to be? Is a person really and completely free in making his choice? Do emotions like ‘fear, deep seated desires, greed, anger, obsession, pride and jealousy etc.’ modify the choices he makes, even against his good sense, sometimes may be to his detriment? Is ‘wisdom’ the magical word which differentiates it from being a ‘matter of choice’ to a ‘matter of chance’? Or is their any other variable? Can ‘time’ be a differentiating factor? So, can destiny be taken as a ‘amalgam’ of complex choices and chances, sourced by an underlying will that causes it all? Fine, again we are back to where we started. Is that underlying will flexible?Continue reading “Oru Kanniyum Moondru Kalavaanikalum Movie Review: Fresh and almost ‘Funtastic’”

Kalyana Samayal Saadham Movie Review: A Wedding Feast like Never Before

KSSWhen you hear of a Tamil movie with a title like ‘Kalyana Samayal Saadham’ two things come to your mind immediately- any typical wedding feast with its variety of delicacies and the famous song from the Telugu-Tamil bilingual film, Mayabazaar (1957). Hence the typical expectation is that the movie is likely to be a rom-com with the emphasis on a big fat Indian wedding. Continue reading “Kalyana Samayal Saadham Movie Review: A Wedding Feast like Never Before”

Kalyana Samayal Saadham: Sneak Peek

Kalyana Samayal SaadhamArun Vaidyanathan who directed the taut Tamil thriller Achchamundu Achchamundu is all set to make his entry into Malayalam Cinema with Peruchaazhi, featuring none other than Mohanlal. But before that he turns producer as well with the Tamil movie Kalyana Samayal Saadham (KSS from hereon), where he has the company of Ananth Govindan as fellow producer. Continue reading “Kalyana Samayal Saadham: Sneak Peek”