Thodari Movie Review: This Train Leads to Disaster

Note: This was a write-up which was originally meant to be written as a quickie but has ultimately turned up a few days late. That in a way sums up my state of mind, induced into a state of flux by Prabhu Solomon’s latest Tamil film, Thodari featuring Dhanush and Keerthy suresh.Continue reading “Thodari Movie Review: This Train Leads to Disaster”

10 Endrathukulla and the Curious Case of Being Vikram

Vikram is one of the most talented as well as hardworking actors not just in Tamil Cinema, but perhaps across Indian cinema these days. I don’t think I will be exaggerating when I say this. After all for someone who had started off as an actor way back in 1990 with En Kadhal Kanmani,before finally finding success with Sethu in 1999, he has come a long way indeed. It wasn’t that he got a bad start, in the first 3 years of his career itself he had 4 Tamil films as hero, which included films directed by well-known names like C.V.Sridhar, S.P.Muthuraman and P.C.Sreeram. His best bet among these definitely was P.C.Sreeram’s Meera (1992), a film whose music is popular even today but which somehow did not live up to its potential. Later Vikram went on to feature in many Malayalam and Telugu films, mostly as the 2nd lead, in an attempt to survive and keep himself running in the race.Continue reading “10 Endrathukulla and the Curious Case of Being Vikram”

Kayal Movie Review: As ‘Solomonisque’ as it can get – Part Poignant, Part Irrational and Repetitive!

This amazing feeling called love. Can our movies ever get enough of it! Has any other emotion been celebrated with so much variety and pomposity on-screen right across generations! While many different kinds of love are depicted in our cinema, there appears to be two primary sub-genres that focus on ‘romance’ or the intimate relations between two people. While the romantic comedy foregrounds’ lighthearted companionate’  love, the romantic drama promotes poignant and passionate love. Due to the mercurial, complicated nature of passionate love and its association with irrationality, our films that endorse this type of love often depict intense, idealistic courtships that usually passes through a phase of suffering. Although the lovers in these films tend to separate or ache, the significance of their time together ‘remains’ through themes like memory, yearning and nostalgia, before they unite again against all odds or anticlimactically fail to do so. Most scriptwriters in fact usually try to exploit these emotional themes in the minds of the audience while writing a hard-hitting romantic drama.

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Kayal: Trailer

Kayal PosterFrom the director of successful Tamil films like Mynaa & Kumki, Prabhu Solomon comes Kayal, a film produced by P.Madhan and James. Kayal features a new lead pair of Chandran and Anandhi to Tamil Cinema (Anandhi has done a few Telugu films before but this is her Tamil debut). The film has been shot in several wonderful locations across the Country and the stunning visuals are captured by DOP Vetrivel Mahendran who makes his debut with Kayal. Music is by Prabhu’s regular collaborator, D.Imman, while Samuel is the editor.Continue reading “Kayal: Trailer”

Jeeva Movie Review: Mostly Engaging, Rarely Inspiring!

Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds

– Orison Swett Marden (American inspirational author)

Defeat doesn’t always feel the same. To be frank, it depends on the circumstances of accepting defeat, they say! There is this ‘defeat’ which you encounter after getting an opportunity, which leaves you dejected and sad. And there is this kind which happens when you are denied a chance to stage a fight, that leaves you broken and soulless. In ‘Jeeva’, writer-director Suseenthiran who last made the critically acclaimed ‘Pandiya Naadu’ traces the politics involved in the selection process of a sports team in a country like India, and attempts to explore the mindset of a cricketer who is on the verge of the latter kind of ‘defeat’. For that he chooses to portray a talented protagonist (Jeeva) who dreams of featuring in the National team one day, and goes on to describe his valiant struggle for recognition in a power dominated industry. Well, to be frank, Suseenthiran succeeds pretty well in this endeavor of his.Continue reading “Jeeva Movie Review: Mostly Engaging, Rarely Inspiring!”

Sigaram Thodu Movie Review: If Only!

A pragmatic son of an honest handicapped cop realizes his true calling in the police force in the final moments of Gaurav’s Sigaram Thodu. In probably the tensest moments of the film, he busts an ATM scamming racket with some intelligently conceived sleuthing. Seems exciting, right? Well, it must have been, IF ONLY had he not been fooling around meaninglessly with his ‘trying hard to be funny’ friend and ‘trying hard to be cute’ girlfriend for the first ninety minutes of the movie. By then he had already shaken a leg once while following his girl down the street, force kissed the girl on a flight, and had walked the picturesque mountains for a romantic duet.  As if the clichés were felt insufficient, some melodrama is staged involving the loving dad. Not to forget, this is happening at near the hundredth minute mark.  We are like ‘Dude,start the film at least now!’ Thankfully, the writing and the film happen to reach the zenith soon after.Continue reading “Sigaram Thodu Movie Review: If Only!”

Jeeva: Trailer

Jeeva Still 1Writer-director Suseenthiran had back to back successes last year in the form of Adhalal Kadhal Seiveer and Pandiya Naadu. He now returns with his next film, Jeeva which is presented by Vishal and Arya. Produced by Vennila Kabadi Team which comprises of Suseenthiran himself along with DOP R.Madhi and Art Director Jeevan, Jeeva is a cricket based film. Featuring Vishnu Vishal in the lead, the film also features Sri Divya, Soori, Laksham Narayan etc. R.Madhi is the DOP while Anthony L.Reuben is the editor of the film. Jeeva will be due for release shortly.Continue reading “Jeeva: Trailer”

Tenaliraman Movie Review: Vadivelu is Back!

Tenaliraman_2014How do you outwit a pack of scheming thieves determined to rob you, into digging a god-damned thirty feet well in your backyard?

How do you squeeze an elephant into a mud pot?

How do you nonchalantly determine the mother-tongue of your jealous competitor?

How do you convincingly answer the tricky question, “Which came first – the chicken or the egg?”

How do you keep foiling your enemy’s ploys and persecution, with a smile?

How do you justify the adage, “Everything happens for good”, time and again?

How do you react to a death penalty against you, keep your calm and come out clean?

How do you make an intelligent mockery of stupid superstitions, making people believe in rationality and good-will?

How do you hit back against the tyranny of the evil and the greedy using your brains, rather than brawn?

That’s Tenali for you. And whats more?Continue reading “Tenaliraman Movie Review: Vadivelu is Back!”

Yennamo Yedho: Sneak Peek

Yennamo YedhoAla Modalaindi is a refreshing Telugu rom-com which released in early 2011 and made the director Nandini Reddy popular. The film was also Nithya Menon‘s first Telugu film post which she has done many more films. Now the Tamil remake of Ala Modalaindi is all set for its release this year and is titled as Yennamo Yedho. The film’s title draws its inspiration from the popular song from the Tamil film’Ko‘ (2011). The remake rights were purchased by Ravi Prasad Outdoor Unit, a popular name in the film equipment business in South India and now this is their foray into film production through their new banner, Raviprasad Productions. Ravi Thyagarajan, the son of stunt master Thygarajan and who has been an A.D to Priyadarshan makes his debut as director with Yennamo Yedho.Continue reading “Yennamo Yedho: Sneak Peek”