The Dissolve (2013-2015), The End Of A Cinephile Community

Today, it becomes a week since The Dissolve dissolved. Sorry for the bad pun. I’ve been spending a lot of time reading old articles, focussing especially on the comments section which has at times been as enlightening as the posts and sometimes more. The Dissolve had this rare following of true geeks of cinema who wouldn’t miss a step discussing color, sound, framing, shot selection or anything about cinema under the sky and beyond and whose comments would make a lesser person like myself feel like I was being educated on the finer nuances of the medium I’ve come to love. The fact that the editorial team managed it in less than a 2 year period is extraordinary and in all honesty, I haven’t come across another website so enriching and complete for discussions about film-making.Continue reading “The Dissolve (2013-2015), The End Of A Cinephile Community”