Fan: A Quick Review

Which is the movie in which Shahrukh Khan has a double role? Duplicate

Which is the movie in which he has been himself, as a superstar? Billoo Barber
Which is the movie in which he has truly acted without overacting? Chak De India
Which is the movie in which he has done all of the above? FAN

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Fan Movie Review: Star At War

FAN 1We live in a country, where cinema isn’t treated as just another form of art, but as a form of sustenance. The common man sees a film as a means of escape from what he may consider a dreary life, packed with problems and tensions, and for a couple of hours, he’d like to forget it. Adding to that, most Indian movies are larger than life, and nothing ends up larger than the performances of our leading men.

There is a devil may care attitude towards life’s googlies (on screen at least) and no problem is so big that it can’t end with everybody smiling as “The End” pops up on the screen (For the most). But are these celluloid demigods really infallible? Are their lives as easy and awesome as they seem to us, the adoring public? Are they not allowed their “me time” as much as we are? And the most important question, as much as they owe their stardom to their fans, do they owe their life and privacy too?

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Mary Kom (2014) Movie Review: Punches Below The Belt

Language : Hindi | Running Time : 122 Minutes | Director : Omung Kumar

A sports-drama whose greatest show of tension involves putting an infant on the death bed is rather unbecoming of a movie being classified as a sports-drama. Even as a film, it is a very cheap, manipulative segment to throw out and then follow it up with “Please stand up for the National Anthem” before the end credits. I don’t have a problem with the National Anthem, I have a problem with a movie that doesn’t rely on a good script or an actor’s excellent performance to sell a story but tries to manipulate the audience at every chance it gets. Mary Kom, the film about the exceptional eponymous boxer, has the scope to bring to life the fighter that Mary Kom is but apart from a few generic sequences there is never a place where the spirit comes through. It becomes a session for filmmakers on how manipulative a movie can get.Continue reading “Mary Kom (2014) Movie Review: Punches Below The Belt”

No Golden Age for Bollywood

Dhoom 3 Krissh 3 Chennai ExpressLess than a month ago, I went to watch Dhoom 3 with a friend on the night of 24th December for a 11:30 show in a suburban Mumbai multiplex. We had decided to catch the film instead of spending a bomb in some club, primarily because we thought the movie would be good fun. Frankly, I didn’t expect Dhoom 3 to be anything else besides being entertaining. I am someone who thoroughly enjoyed the previous installments of the franchise, though both of them had barely much storyline to boast of. I had committed a similar blasphemy when I got so curious about Chennai Express – it broke 3 Idiots’ record and I thought there would some merit in the film to do so. But man, both of them were so lame that they are insults to their own genre. I am someone who enjoyed Rajiv Rai films tremendously; I still swear by Mohra, Tridev & Gupt – Dhoom 3 and Chennai Express are films which fail even the word ‘entertainment’.Continue reading “No Golden Age for Bollywood”

The Worst Of Bollywood: 2013

The bigger your box office collection, the bigger your star power, the more chances you have of making it to this illustrious list. Of course you also need to have sucked enough for me to take notice.

So presenting in chronological order, to the tune of drumrolls, the Worst Bollywood Movies of 2013.

(Dimaag Ka) Rape 2

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The 13 Best-Loved Articles of 2013

December is the month of lists so this time we decided why not publish a list on some of our posts which garnered your attention. We have compiled 13 posts over here and one common factor across all these posts were authors wrote passionately Ranjhaanaabout a particular movie which they liked or disliked or in some case how difficult it was to follow passion of acting. We decided to get back to the respective authors and asked them them to write a short note on what went into writing these posts and the reactions they received after publication of the post. Wishing all our readers of MAM, a very Happy New Year and hope you continue to support us.

Having been a witness to several love stories, from their inception to burial, I had come to realize that people are never to be blamed for break-ups. There is a limit to which our hormones (the stimulant behind that feeling called ‘love’) can push us to remain committed. Eventually, economy, society and egos do get better of everything. Raanjhanaa seemed to echo all that I had always felt about love in India. Writing about it was extremely cathartic. But what followed it was no less than an experience.Continue reading “The 13 Best-Loved Articles of 2013”

Mickey Virus Film Review : A Fairly Enjoyable Film

Mickey_Virus_Official_Poster_2013Hacking is a subject that has rarely been explored in Indian cinema.  So, the fact that Mickey Virus tells the story of a hacker was one of the things that make one look forward to the film. While there are films  like Chennai Express,  Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani which make it to the 100 crore club on one end, there are also films like ShahidKahaani etc on the other end of the spectrum. The latter films may not have big budgets but are still finding audiences as they are having stories with good content.  The success of such films have made it possible for films with different subjects like Mickey Virus (telling the story of a hacker) to get made in Bollywood. So does Mickey Virus make for an engaging film? Read on to find out moreContinue reading “Mickey Virus Film Review : A Fairly Enjoyable Film”

This Year’s Eid at the Cinemas: With Chennai Express, Thalaivaa and Neelaskasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi

Attarintiki Daredi PosterCome holiday time and that too when a major festival coincides with a weekend and it gets all the more potent for filmmakers who keep salivating at the very thought of their ‘biggie’ running riot at the box office. So with Eid this year falling on a Friday (Aug 9th) we had many films across India lining up for release. Continue reading “This Year’s Eid at the Cinemas: With Chennai Express, Thalaivaa and Neelaskasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi”

Chennai Express: Rantings of an Indian Cine-goer

Chennai ExpressIt all started in 2009 with Salman Khan’s Wanted and from then EID has never been the same. Eid in India means the audience needs to keep their brain and whole nervous system at home to enjoy such films. This year Bhai seems to have mercy on us, but then his bête noire ShahRukh Khan seems keen to replace him.Continue reading “Chennai Express: Rantings of an Indian Cine-goer”