Fitoor Movie Review: Of Katrina’s Red Hair and Dickensian Red Herring

FitoorFitoor roughly translates to ‘obsession’ in English. And, it’s a pity that a film called Fitoor suffers from bouts of directorial indifference throughout its runtime. Director Abhishek Kapoor, who had very good last two outings in form of Kai Po Che and Rock On!!, puts up pretty looking caricatures and canvasses in Fitoor but forgets to infuse soul into them. So, amidst the snow-laden, paradise-like Kashmir and Katrina Kaif’s gorgeousness and red hair, there’s something which is clearly amiss. Throughout. Right from the opening credits till the lights are turned back on in the theater.Continue reading “Fitoor Movie Review: Of Katrina’s Red Hair and Dickensian Red Herring”

Fitoor Movie Review: No Love Here, Just Impossible Inanity

Ask me no questions and you will be told no lies. If you still want to know how this adaptation of Dickens’ Great Expectations is, well, you asked for it.

Fitoor spares nothing, and no one, as it annihilates anything and everything that was beautiful and sacred in the source novel and the milieu this adaptation is set in. For the most part, this massacre is orchestrated by a disastrously miscast Katrina Kaif while some part of the blame should deservedly reach the doors of Aditya Roy Kapoor and Tabu (yes, the lady can misfire too).Continue reading “Fitoor Movie Review: No Love Here, Just Impossible Inanity”

Pisaasu Movie Review: Offbeat Horror, Mysskin Style!

What do you, as an audience, expect in  a well-made horror movie? Haunted house? Loving couple?  Stupid friends? Ghostly dolls? Shuttering windows? Vanishing bodies? Premonitions? Nightmares? Helpless dying victims? The chronically stumbling while running through the woods, shirtless, female victim? Never-starting car? Creaky doors? Creepy old man/woman? The excessively brave extrovert? Flying objects? Mirror scares? Gory faces? Spirit seeking vengeance? Enough seen. ‘Why not a movie in the horror genre space, which has everything crossed out in the list above, but still manages to engage?’ asks Mysskin and takes us through a riveting journey of paranormal exploration in the film, aptly named ‘Pisaasu’.Continue reading “Pisaasu Movie Review: Offbeat Horror, Mysskin Style!”