Nobody (2021) Movie Review: Bob Odenkirk On A Death Wish

I was channel surfing on a boring day, not sure what I wanted to watch, my eyes fell on “Nobody”. There was Bob Odenkirk, probably lying on the ground, and many fists landing on his contorted face. Images of Saul Goodman from “Better Call Saul” & “Breaking Bad”, who usually got roughed up or picked up by gang members, started popping out of my memory. I had never seen Bob in a movie before, so I felt, this was as good a time as any, to watch a full fledged movie of Bob Odenkirk.

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Nebraska (2013) Movie Review: A Bittersweet Comedy of Regret

Rating: 8.5/10

If there’s one important way in which the cinema is quite different from real life, it’s that in the movies, the possibility of catharsis is less remote, even, in some genres, a given. Whether it be a deathbed confession, a gunfight at dawn, a last-moment declaration of love everlasting at the airport, a sports victory or just a quiet moment of piece, the cinema is often willing to give us the closure that is so hard to find in our own lives. And it is this desire, this human need for redemption, for self-acceptance that uniquely characterizes Alexander Payne’s filmography. His movies revolve around “men trying to come to terms with their better natures”, as the late Roger Ebert once wrote about Payne, about people taking stock of their lives, trying and failing to match their lives to the image of it in their heads.Continue reading “Nebraska (2013) Movie Review: A Bittersweet Comedy of Regret”