Bob Biswas (2021) Movie Review: Ei Toh Jibon

Kali da, played by Paran Bandhopadhyay, is the most profound and earthy character of the movie. He spouts wisdom of the ages, like Oogway from Kungfu Panda, as he has seen life from close quarters. His oft repeated line “Ei toh jibon” as response to questions about morality and ethics that Bob Biswas poses to him, has the much needed calming effect on Bob.

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A Tale of Two Topshes

The idea basically germinated after reading Virag Mishra’s post on Brijender Kala. We always write posts on films, the lead actors, their directors. But there are many strokes of colour on the canvas which complete the painting. Actors who have a screen presence of not even 1/10th of that of the protagonist but are indispensable to the film.Continue reading “A Tale of Two Topshes”