Tumhari Sulu Movie Review: Truly, here’s a story that can belong to anyone of us

“Filmy” is a word that is often used to describe something where things are stretched almost to the point of disbelief. It comes from the expectation of watching a Bollywood movie where actions and emotions are so fleshed out to the point like you feel you’re being force-fed a dish with very strong flavours. You could perhaps think of it like your grandmother’s mango pickle. Continue reading “Tumhari Sulu Movie Review: Truly, here’s a story that can belong to anyone of us”

Tumhari Sulu Movie Review: Hello, From the Other Side!

There’s always that moment of awe, when one is confronted with the eruption of a voice that’s been dormant for long. They live among us, they move, they breathe, they dream, and they go unnoticed. And when they finally speak up, those of us who are listening, willingly or unwillingly, end up dumbstruck more often than not. Suresh Triveni’s debut effort sounded like an interesting concept when the trailers came out, but the question is, does it have something to say, or is it just dead air?Continue reading “Tumhari Sulu Movie Review: Hello, From the Other Side!”

Airlift Movie Review: The Film Leaves an Impact Without Much Fuss

There is an innate calmness and simplicity about Airlift. No matter how big the scale or how herculean the task at hand is, Airlift goes about its business with an extraordinary easiness. There is no patriotic chest thumping (may be a little bit towards the end), no heart wrenching portrayal of war and its associated grief, no screeching or shouting. Most of the frames in Airlift are fittingly raw (sometimes eerily ‘still’) and heartwarmingly subtle. And, this is the biggest win for director Raja Krishna Menon and his team. They manage to tell an extraordinary story of courage and survival with an authentic, real-life ordinariness.Continue reading “Airlift Movie Review: The Film Leaves an Impact Without Much Fuss”

I Love New Year Movie Review: Canned but Not Devoid of Juice

If you decide to watch Sunny Deol-Kangana Ranaut starrer I Love New Year (stylized as ‘I Love NY’), which in all likelihood you would not, do not enter the theater with any pre-conceived notions. Yes, the film has been delayed for a couple of years and it is definitely not the best Hindi rom-com that you are likely to come across, but it is not unwatchable. In fact, I Love New Year genuinely tries to be different from run-of-the-mill rom-coms and attempts to tell a unbelievable story through believable means. Most of the film’s pitfalls are inflicted by the cruel fact that lost time and momentum makes any product stale and mediocre. Adding salt to the injury is Kangana Ranaut’s decision to mostly disassociate herself from the film and Sunny Deol’s lack of enthusiasm in promoting what is one of his better performances in recent times. More on this later.Continue reading “I Love New Year Movie Review: Canned but Not Devoid of Juice”

Ek Paheli Leela Movie Review : Sunny Side Up

How would you feel if you go out to a restaurant where a speciality dish is presented to you in the most eye-pleasing fashion, except that the item tastes bad? Debutant Director Bobby Khan’s Ek Paheli Leela, a Sunny Leone vehicle, is unfortunately like that dish. Ace choreographer Ahmed Khan has given us cow dung like Lakeer (2004), Fool N Final (2007) and Paathshaala (2010). In 2015, he comes back to us with his brother, Bobby, who is possibly another leaf out of the same book. So just like that dish in the restaurant, Ek Paheli Leela begins with a stinky taste, bores you by the time you are half done, and while the second half tries to redeem itself as you get used to the dish, it would be too late to not judge the restaurant’s service by then.
Continue reading “Ek Paheli Leela Movie Review : Sunny Side Up”

Roy Movie Review : Ambitious, Faulty and Not For Everyone

A lot is being said and written about this weekend’s big release, Roy. If only it did not feature the leader of Bollywood’s ‘actor who can act’ brigade, Ranbir Kapoor, we could have easily written it off as another tank by Arjun Rampal or Jacqueline Fernandez. But then to inject star value into it, T-Series decided to cast Kapoor, and that too in ‘a dynamic role’ meekly imitating the ‘modest’ credit given to him as the film begins. The trailer looked a sure misfire, but the songs worked wonders, much like any other T-Series film. But is that enough? Well, as we see around now, almost every one out there is appealing to debutante writer-director Vikramjit Singh to stand with a boombox and apologize. Sigh, so much thwart for a mere film. Not so advisable to proclaim but in all honesty, I must admit that I fairly liked Roy. Not because it is brilliant or great, only because it is ambitious, and even when it fails, it doesnt make an almighty mess. Continue reading “Roy Movie Review : Ambitious, Faulty and Not For Everyone”

Baby Movie Review: No child’s play, this!

The one admirable quality about Neeraj Pandey is that he is consistent. What his movies lack in nuance, and grit, they more than make up for it with a solid script and performances. He may aim to be Bollywood’s Katherine Bigelow or Paul Greengrass, but somehow he’s managed to be to this decade what Subhash Ghai was to the 80s and Rajkumar Santoshi was to the 90s. A storyteller, who can spin out a yarn that may seem implausible, but doesn’t insult your intelligence. Baby continues this tradition of his.Continue reading “Baby Movie Review: No child’s play, this!”

Hate Story 2 Movie Review : Inconsistent, But Better Than You Expect It To Be

I did not like Vivek Agnihotroi’s Hate Story (produced by Vikram Bhatt), which came a couple of years ago, largely because the film looked like a massive exercise in selling shock and sleaze, making the revenge saga go tediously trashy and unbelievable. Vishal Pandya’s Hate Story 2 is only a sequel by virtue of its brand name, but tells a new story all together with a new cast. But the covert revelation is that this one is not half as bad. Yes, contrary to the popular belief, Hate Story 2 is not easily hated, despite being an old concoction served in a new glass. Continue reading “Hate Story 2 Movie Review : Inconsistent, But Better Than You Expect It To Be”

Nautanki Saala Movie Review: Works….. Just Partially

It’s hard to judge a movie which is so good in it’s first half and an absolute disaster after the interval. Walk out during the interval and you’ll be happy. I, on the other hand, stayed back, and now have to write two reviews for a single movie.Continue reading “Nautanki Saala Movie Review: Works….. Just Partially”