Ivide Movie Review: An Intense Human Drama Masked as a Thriller

I’ve often wondered what makes one change his/her dynamics when you are in an alien land. How does that make you forget your roots and change your mental makeup? How easy or difficult is it to accept a different culture, and is it really all that possible to remain rooted despite all odds? No I have never lived abroad and nor am I planning to leave my homeland anytime soon. But with many friends and relatives having moved abroad I do tend to think on these lines once in a while. Malayalam filmmaker Shyamaprasad is probably someone who also thinks about all these like me. He even made a film recently titled interestingly as English: An Autumn in England (2013), revolving around the lives of a few Malayalees living in London. Probably his most audience friendly film, unfortunately it did not have his usual touch in the bargain. But he quickly bounced back with the wonderful Artist (2013) within a span of few months itself. And now he has come back with his latest outing, Ivide (here), a film that is completely based in U.S.A.Continue reading “Ivide Movie Review: An Intense Human Drama Masked as a Thriller”

Ivide: Trailer

Ivide Poster 3National Award winning Malayalam filmmaker Shyamaprasad is back with his new film Ivide (Here) which is a tale totally based in the U.S.A. In an unusual departure this time he has attempted a thriller as the film is apparently based on the serial killing of IT technicians in major US cities. While the star cast is spearheaded by Prithviraj, Nivin Pauly and Bhavana, the rest of the cast includes American actors as well. Ivide is produced by Dr.S.Sajikumar while Gopi Sunder is the composer,Eric Dickinson is the DOP and Manoj the editor.Continue reading “Ivide: Trailer”

Koothara: Trailer

Koothara PosterThe team that came up with the interesting Malayalam film, Second Show (2012) which saw the debut of Dulquer Salmaan now reunite to bring us their next film, Koothara. Directed by Srinath Rajendran, the film is written by Vini Vishwa Lal, has cinematography by Pappu and editing by N.B.Srikanth and Praveen K.L.While all of them featured in the previous film too, the music director this time is Gopi Sunder, the busiest music composer in Malayalam cinema these days. Sunny Wayne (also seen in Second Show), Tamil actor Bharath, Tovino Thomas, Bhavana, Gauthami Nair, Janani Iyer, Shritha Sivadas etc feature in the film and we also have the one and only Mohanlal in an extended cameo.Continue reading “Koothara: Trailer”

Ezhamathe Varavu: Sneak Peek

Ezhamathe VaravuThe combination of director Hariharan and writer M.T.Vasudevan Nair has by now attained legendary status in Malayalam Cinema. Hence every time one gets to hear of a film being made by this dynamic duo the audience start expecting another cinematic treat.Continue reading “Ezhamathe Varavu: Sneak Peek”

Honey Bee: Trailer

Honey Bee PicJean Paul Lal aka Lal Jr, the son of actor-director-producer Lal is now all set to join the new age Malayalam filmmakers club with his debut film,Honey Bee. Produced by Sibi Thottupuram and Jobi Mandamattom, Honey Bee is written by Lal Jr and features Asif Ali, Bhavana, Archana Kavi,Lal, Sreenath Bhasi, Suresh Krishna etc. Music is by Deepak Dev while Alby is the DOP and Ratheesh Raj is the editor.Continue reading “Honey Bee: Trailer”

Only Vishnuvardhana – An Entertaining Fare

Kannada cinema has gone downhill in the last few years. Many reasons can be attributed to this pathetic state of affairs – most of the films being churned out are remakes, poor production values etc.  In such conditions, coming across a genuinely entertaining film is a huge relief.  One such film is ‘Only Vishnuvardhana’  starring Sudeep , Bhavana, Priyamani, Sonu Sood amongst others.Continue reading “Only Vishnuvardhana – An Entertaining Fare”

Trivandrum Lodge Movie Review : Sex is in the air :)

With every movie, Anoop Menon pushes the envelope a little higher (or the sheets a little lower) in dealing with immorality in the Malayali’s social life. Kerala is a state with a large independent woman class but revels curiously in its suppressed sexual desires – Malayalam sahityam must have broken many of its taboos long time back but its cinema is still circumspect when dealing with sex (a sensibility that did not exist once upon a time, mind you).Continue reading “Trivandrum Lodge Movie Review : Sex is in the air :)”

Trailer of Priyadarshan's Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal

That prolific filmmaker Priyadarshan is churning remake after remake is something that all of us know. And it seems that he is not likely to change this scenario for now. Malamaal is one of the better Hindi films of Priyan and thus when the sequel was announced it was something to look forward to.Continue reading “Trailer of Priyadarshan's Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal”

Trailer of Priyadarshan’s Arabiyum Ottakavum P.Madhavan Nairum in Oru Marubhoomi Kadha

After a long hiatus ace filmmaker Priyadarshan returns back to Malayalam Cinema with Oru Marubhoomi Kadha ( earlier titled as Arabiyum Ottakavum P.Madhavan Nairum but changed due to some protest regarding the word Arabiyum) . Starring Mohanlal and Mukesh in the lead, the film also has Lakshmi Rai, Bhavana,Shakti Kapoor, Innocent and many others in the supporting cast.Continue reading “Trailer of Priyadarshan’s Arabiyum Ottakavum P.Madhavan Nairum in Oru Marubhoomi Kadha”