Mohanlal: From Narendran to Kunjali Marakkar IV, a Journey to be Admired

With all of us being confined to our homes for nearly 2 months or so, all thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have seen our lives getting altered in ways that we had never anticipated and looked forward to. I have been someone who generally preferred the experience of watching movies in cinemas, not getting lured by the abundant content (films, web-series and much more) available on the numerous OTT/digital platforms that we have access to. Every few months I would ponder over trying to embrace the OTT platforms, but kept delaying the inevitable, only for this lockdown to finally bring in the transition in my case. So thus, I have been getting my daily fix of entertainment at home in the last couple of months, watching film after film, series after series. And in this process, I also watched Ranjith’s Drama (2018), a rare Mohanlal film in recent times that I had missed watching in a theatre.Continue reading “Mohanlal: From Narendran to Kunjali Marakkar IV, a Journey to be Admired”

Bairavaa Movie Review: Much Ado about Nothing

Early on into Bharathan’s (or is it Bharhathan as he prefers to call himself now) Bairavaa we see the branch manager of ICIC Bank (Y.G.Mahendra) call upon his collection agent Bairavaa (Vijay) in desperation. The manager is in a soup because of a bad debt in the form of a loan given to a local thug Karuvadu Kumar (Mime Gopi). With the bank authorities breathing down his neck, the manager has just a day to hand over the money & with his daughter’s wedding scheduled for a month later he is extremely distressed. With Bairavaa assuring his boss that he would be back with the money by the evening one would typically expect fireworks in the form of a regulation fight sequence. But that’s where Bharathan and action choreographer Anal Arasu show some ingenuity. Yes there are fireworks on display indeed but not in the form of a typical fight which would follow some chest thumping dialogues. In fact the dialogues exchanged between Bairavaa and Karuvadu Kumar is kept to the minimum and the action happens in the guise of a game of cricket.Continue reading “Bairavaa Movie Review: Much Ado about Nothing”

Veeram Movie Review: Celebrate this Pongal “Thala” Style

Veeram First LookThis Pongal at the very outset appeared to be special, what with ‘Thala’ Ajith’s Veeram clashing with ‘Ilayathalapathy’ Vijay’s Jilla. While this is not the first time that the two popular Tamil actors are aiming for top honours with their festival release at the same time, this is the first time their films are clashing in the last 6 years. That in itself makes this contest worthwhile for not just the fans of these 2 actors, but also for all those who follow Tamil Cinema seriously. Close on the heels of the announcement of Arrambam (then untitled and code named as Thala 53), Ajith ended up signing for Veeram, a film to be directed by ‘Siruthai’ Siva and produced by the veteran production house, Vijaya Productions. The actual production of the film started only post the release of Billa 2, and we had Ajith juggling between the shoot of Arrambam and Veeram, two films which are as different as chalk and cheese.Continue reading “Veeram Movie Review: Celebrate this Pongal “Thala” Style”

Thazhvaram-A cult Malayalam Thriller

For all the acclaim that Malayalam cinema has earned, the thriller or action genre has been largely unexplored. In this wilderness, however, there exists a cult movie like Thazhvaram (The Valley – 1990), where two stalwarts – MT and Bharathan – come together to cleave a fascinating revenge saga. People have largely compared this movie to the world of Spaghetti western classics immortalized by Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood and this remains the only such venture by mainstream Malayalam cinema.Continue reading “Thazhvaram-A cult Malayalam Thriller”

Nidra ( 2012 ) Movie Review : Through the eyes of Raju

Let me start with a confession – I walked out of the theatre after the movie in quite an ambivalent state after watching Siddharth Bharathan’s Nidra. I suppose I was kind of upset and angry but still unclear whether the anger was with the movie or with what the movie told me. Some movies talk to you consciously – they tell you things on the face and make you react instantly while some others work at a sub-conscious level – you don’t necessarily know what the movie meant to you, atleast initially. Probably Nidra has such an impact…Continue reading “Nidra ( 2012 ) Movie Review : Through the eyes of Raju”


Remakes of yesteryear classics is becoming a regular phenomenon in Malayalam Cinema these days. Buoyed by the success of Neelathamara and Rathinirvedam we now have many more such projects in the pipeline including Chattakkari. Taking some inspiration from the trend is Siddharth Bharathan, the son of the legendary filmmaker Bharathan who is now ready with his re-interpretation of his father’s film,Nidra. Continue reading “Nidra-Trailer”