The Jungle Book (2016): A Quick Review

THE JUNGLE BOOKIndian population can be divided in to 2 groups: Those who have watched Jungle Book on Doordarshan and those who haven’t- Only because they weren’t born then! This animated story originally written by Rudyard Kipling was synonymous with the 10 AM Sunday slot and most of us woke up ‘early’ with the song- Chaddi Pehen Ke- as the alarm clock.

While the song composed by Gulzar saab and Vishal Bharadwaj is retained as the promo song, the animated characters are beautifully brought to life by Jon Favreau. The simple story of a human-kid  Mowgli ( Neel Sethi) brought up by wolves (Akela and Raksha) and supported by his friends – Baloo (Bear) and Bagheera (Panther)- battling odds to defeat their arch nemesis- Shere Khan (Tiger) is a treat for the eyes and ears. Kaa (Snake) and King Louie (Orangutan) add to the fluctuation of the emotional graph with some tense moments and action to give this family movie a UA rating by the Censor board.

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The Walk (2015) Movie Review: The Triumph of One’s Passion

I have always had the highest regard for people who not only have a major passion in their lives but also go on to work on the same and convert it into reality. As it is a good majority of the people Worldwide do not really have a strong passion towards anything, and even among the very few who are really passionate about something it’s quite rare to see people actually trying to do something about it. At the same time it irks me at times to see some people who are truly blessed in having the right kind of atmosphere, support mechanism and everything else needed to just take that one step in making the plunge, the plunge to do something about their passion but who just don’t do it for various reasons. Philippe Petit is not someone like that though; he is someone who dared to dream, and dream beyond the ordinary. But that alone does not make him great, what makes him great is that he converted his dreams into reality.Continue reading “The Walk (2015) Movie Review: The Triumph of One’s Passion”

Reliance Entertainment to release the film Self/Less in India on 10th July, 2015

Reliance Entertainment will release film Self/Less on 10th July, 2015 in India. The film is a Hollywood science fiction thriller film which is directed by Indian filmmaker Tarsem Singh, of the films The Cell, The Fall, Immortals and Mirror Mirror previously and is written by David Pastor and Alex Pastor. The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Ben Kingsley and Matthew Goode.Continue reading “Reliance Entertainment to release the film Self/Less in India on 10th July, 2015”

Learning to Drive: Trailer

Learning to Drive PosterThe first-runner up for the People’s Choice Award at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, Learning to Drive is an American comedy directed by Isabel Coixet the film stars Patricia Clarkson as Wendy, a successful book editor taking driving lessons with instructor Darwan (Ben Kingsley) after the breakup of her marriage to Ted (Jake Weber) forces her to become more self-sufficient.  and and written by Sarah Kernochan based on a New Yorker article by Katha Pollitt.The film stars Patricia Clarkson as Wendy, a successful book editor taking driving lessons with instructor Darwan (Ben Kingsley) after the breakup of her marriage to Ted (Jake Weber) forces her to become more self-sufficient.Incidentally this is the second project that brings together Isabel Coixet, Ben Kingsley and Patricia Clarkson (after Elegy in 2008). Continue reading “Learning to Drive: Trailer”

Exodus:Gods And Kings (2014) Movie Review: Irreverent Gods And Awful Kings

Language: English | Running Time: 150 Minutes | Director: Ridley Scott

Our hero, Moses(Christian Bale) is told by a petulant, child God that he is one of the people who doesn’t agree with everything He has to say and then asks him to drop the hammer he’s holding if he disagrees with the need for laws for the people he has liberated. Moses continues chalking away stone and the child God approves. With any other filmmaker, I wouldn’t have been as lost as I was after watching this exchange. But this is Ridley Scott‘s “Exodus: Gods and Kings” and so I am perplexed that the exchange was so ordinary, so without any action to assuage importance. Ridley Scott’s “Kingdom Of Heaven” is a movie which dealt with religion and the Crusades in particular. It had an ordinary hero with an extraordinary tale but every scene in the movie had an importance not just in words but the way a scene filled the screen. Exodus : Gods and Kings has further convinced me that Ridley Scott’s masterpiece Kingdom Of Heaven is one rare movie.Continue reading “Exodus:Gods And Kings (2014) Movie Review: Irreverent Gods And Awful Kings”

Iron Man 3- Trailer

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Hugo is Huge

Martin Scorsese has pulled out yet another masterpiece. Hugo has all the elements that are needed to make a movie and it all blends perfectly well on the screen.

Scorsese has managed to capture the elements of cinema in a near poetic manner and with the backdrop of a picturesque Paris coupled with the childlike innocence in fantasy and the small element of mystery, has created a movie fit for all age groups. Albeit the element of fantasy and magic is a little less than what is projected initially, the movie over its course holds the audience’s attention.Continue reading “Hugo is Huge”

The Dictator -Trailer

Sacha Baron Cohen of Borat and Bruno fame is back now with The Dictator. Directed by Larry Charles who also made the previous 2 films, this one is supposedly based on the novel Zabibah and the King,written by the late Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.Continue reading “The Dictator -Trailer”