Ittefaq (2017) Movie Review: He Said, She Said!

It is funny how the making of the original Ittefaq back in 1969 came about due to an unfortunate coincidence, an injury to the leading lady of Aadmi Aur Insaan, Saira Banu, leading to her leaving for London to recuperate for 2 months. Owing to this unforeseen delay, Yash Chopra figured he had to make a movie within 2 months, and after coming across a Gujarati drama, Dhoomas, adapted from a famous English play, Signpost To Murder, decided to adapt it to the big screen with a then-upcoming Rajesh Khanna and the reigning matinee queen, Nanda. Almost 50 years later, BR Studios comes out with yet another songless crime-thriller, but the question remains, is the title the only similarity to the original?Continue reading “Ittefaq (2017) Movie Review: He Said, She Said!”

Kanoon (1960): B.R.Chopra's Evergreen Social Saga

Kanoon (1960) PosterThe recent death sentences carried out by the Indian Government have led to hue and cry among a section of society. The incidents have brought about debate on the topic ‘should death entence be abolished or is death sentence essential for functioning of civic society, can this barbaric act save a civic society and safeguard a Democracy and Nation?’Continue reading “Kanoon (1960): B.R.Chopra's Evergreen Social Saga”

Dharamputra – the travails of religion…

What is Religion? Wikipedia says that “Religion is a collection of belief systems, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values”. What is faith? Depending on the religion, faith is belief in a god or gods or in the doctrines or teachings of the religion. For some, faith is also about not believing in anything. However, more than knowing these definitions, what’s crucial is to know how we develop our respective faith or religion? How do we manage to ignore the immanent disparities within our own value system? If not, have we moved on to a level where we can keep our bigotry aside and discuss the topic?Continue reading “Dharamputra – the travails of religion…”

Ittefaq – Mystery lies behind the scenes

Before, a film director starts shooting a scene; he hollers lights, camera, and action! There is a reason behind it, and that is, that’s all cinema is about, literally. And, Yash Chopra seems to know that, rather well. And in Ittefaq he seems to play with it.

In 2012, though, if you see this film, it seems slightly aged, because the acting and dialogue are overtly theatrical, at places. But I don’t have a problem with it, at all. So let’s come to the point, this, whodunit, (yes, Yash Chopra’s whodunit), though is so unlike Yash Chopra’s other cinematic endeavours,  is still so much like them, when Rajesh Khanna’s  character is continuously ground from two sides, sympathy and anguish. Or, when Sushma’s continuous pretentiousness, samples folly and suspiciousness together, it had to be Yash Chopra’s characters, wrong, imperfect, sympathetic and troubled, all at the same time to have a film like this work, even now, when in the first scene you may predict the wrong, of one of the two mysteries. The first mystery that leads to the second story and the second story is the actual story of the film and it doesn’t play like a mystery film. It isn’t investigative, but about two people inside limited space, coming close together.

Continue reading “Ittefaq – Mystery lies behind the scenes”

Aadmi aur Insaan : Of Friendship & Betrayal

Zindagi ittefaq hai

Kal bhi ittefaq thi
Aaj bhi ittefaq hai

On first hearing, it sounds like a title track for the movie Ittefaq, which was being made around the same time as this movie. Following the super-success of Waqt, Yash Chopra soon began working on a movie which had its roots in socialism.

India was on the path of industrialization, and lot of factories were coming up. Many development projects were on the anvil, construction of dams and irrigation projects were a priority. Akhtar Ul Iman used this backdrop and scripted the movie which was a story of two friends, one rich and the other poor, Munish & JK.Continue reading “Aadmi aur Insaan : Of Friendship & Betrayal”

Dhool ka Phool – A debutant director’s leap of faith

By Swati Chavda

The movie begins with a metaphor.

A bicycle accident brings Meena (Mala Sinha) and Mahesh (Rajendra Kumar) together. And later,it is another ‘accident’ that sends Meena’s life spiraling down humiliation, misery and rejection.

With Dhool ka Phool (A Blossom in the Dust), Yash Chopra, the future King of Romance,began his journey as a full-fledged director. The year was 1959. A twelve-year old nation was struggling with the surge of modernization with its psyche still steeped in old-world norms. But the man.who in decades to come, would single-handedly make Switzerland a dream-destination for millions, made his entry into the Indian cine-world with a bang. Fearlessly, he tackled a topic that few would dare to mention: Illegitimacy. A child born out of wedlock, a product of sin – Dhool ka Phool.

Meena lives with her heartless and greedy uncle and aunt who never fail to torment her at every opportunity. Her only source of affection is her old maid, Gangu Dai (Leela Chitnis). Using the interactions of this dysfunctional family, writer Mukhram Sharma (nominated for Filmfare award for this film) brilliantly foreshadows Meena’ssubsequent fate.Continue reading “Dhool ka Phool – A debutant director’s leap of faith”

Dharmputra- Social Saga from Yash Chopra

By Jyotsna Nagarkar


Mai jab bhi akeli hoti hun

Tum chupakese aa jate ho 

Aur zak ke meri akhon me

Bite din yad dilate ho
Was there a surprise in store for me!This hauntingly beautiful song had captured my imagination as a romantic 17-year-old. All I knew was that it was from the movie ‘Dharmputra.’ The movie, released in 1962, was not a hit, and therefore not much in news in later years. But that song was a constant reminder and at last I found the movie on VCD two years ago. I half expected it to be one of those 60s movies with great songs but not much else.Continue reading “Dharmputra- Social Saga from Yash Chopra”

Waqt : Yash Chopra's Magnum Opus

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
– John Lennon

Lala Kedarnath was a joyous man, celebrating his success and singing to his lady love Aye Meri Zohrajabeen. He was a self-made man who never believed in astrologers or predictions; and making it on his own was one of the reasons for his pompous party. But little did he know that destiny had other plans for him.Continue reading “Waqt : Yash Chopra's Magnum Opus”

Shah Rukh Khan in conversation with Yash Chopra

On the occasion of Yash Chopra‘s 80th birthday YRF and Shah Rukh Khan came up with an innovative of celebrating the veteran filmmakers birthday which would also help in promoting his forthcoming film, Jab Tak Hai Jaan.SRK went on to host  a special chat session with Yash Chopra which was telecast live on NDTV and streamed live on Youtube as well. Continue reading “Shah Rukh Khan in conversation with Yash Chopra”