Padmarajan’s Aparan (The Imposter): A Malayalam Neo Noir Movie

Vishwanathan Pillai (Jayaram) is a young graduate, who is preparing for his next interview. Anyone who has given interviews in India will know that it is just a lucky draw of sorts. The question ranges from what is the distance between the Moon to the Earth, to who is the CM of a particular state.

We see Vishwanathan mugging up from a GK book, Padmarajan beautifully establishes the contrast of India, where here this once upon a time rich upper caste family is finding its way in the new world order. In turn of events, Vishwanathan is mistaken for a criminal who looks like him and is detained by police.  George (Mukesh), the inspector turns out to be his college friend and releases him.Continue reading “Padmarajan’s Aparan (The Imposter): A Malayalam Neo Noir Movie”

Ramanujan Movie Review: Rags to Riches, Docudrama Style

We as humans generally refuse to dwell on any form of hidden beauty that escapes the limits of our aesthetic powers or effortless comprehension. We want everything easy, and we want them simple. Like our cinemas. And we prefer to label those who proclaim the unseen charm of science/ arts as an outcast or a misfit, and in extreme cases of unfathomable brilliance, an ‘eccentric’. Because we are all more comfortable with averages. Anything or anyone who is unconventional in his thoughts or taste scares and threatens the ‘average Joe’ in each of us. Because ‘Average’ is easy. Because ‘Average’ is bliss. Doubtful? Let me quote something to make my point. Music is bliss, right? And appreciating music is easy. Music is woven into our lives in more ways than one, making us joyful and tearful by its small variations of a few notes. If I was to tell you that the wavering notes are nothing but permutations and combinations of the twelfth root of two, would that interest you? Comfortable with that? Honestly do we admire the trivial maths, in the process letting our appreciation of the music diminish? Delineating emotions into unromantic roots of 2 is too hard-boiled for our comprehension to digest, almost bordering on sacrilege. Well, don’t feel bad. For the fault is not ours! We have been tuned to conveniently disregard anything which escapes our cocooned mind. Yes, the limits of human grasp does restrict our tastes. But then, perhaps there are categories of beauties, which transcend all human limits, which are accessible only to a select few. We call them ‘geniuses’. One such man who walked the earth was Mr. Srinivasa Ramanujan from Kumbakonam.Continue reading “Ramanujan Movie Review: Rags to Riches, Docudrama Style”

Ramanujan: Trailer

Ramanujan-PosterIAS officer turned National Award winning filmmaker Gnana Rajasekaran, the director of interesting Tamil films like Mogamul (1997), Bharathi (2004), Periyar (2007) is back with his new film- Ramanujan. A bi-lingual (Tamil and English), the film is based on the life & times of legendary mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan . Produced by Srivatsan Nadathur, Sushant Desai, Sharanyan Nadathur, Sindhu Rajasekaran, the film introduces Abhinay Vaddi in the titular role. The film also features Kevin McGowan, Bhama, Abbas, Nizhalgal Ravi, Suhasini Mani Ratnam, Radha Ravi etc. Music is by Ramesh Vinayakam while Sunny Joseph is the DOP and B.Lenin is the editor. Continue reading “Ramanujan: Trailer”

Thoovanathumbikal- Padmarajan's Timeless Classic

If you were to ask for the most widely discussed Malayalam movie online, Padmarajan’s Thoovanathumbikal would unarguably be the movie that  would take the numero uno position. 25 years have gone by but a whole lot of Malayalam cinegoers and young directors will swear by their fascination of this cult movie. Continue reading “Thoovanathumbikal- Padmarajan's Timeless Classic”

Manjadikuru-Sneak Peek

Manjadikuru film poster
Manjadikuru film poster

After being noticed on the festival circuit and raising expectations of a theatrical release it looks like filmmaker Anjali Menon‘s debut film Manjadikuru is finally ready to hit the screens. Winner of couple of awards at IFFK,Thiruvananthapuram in 2008 and multiple awards at SAIFF, New York in 2009 including Best Film and Best Director, Manjadikuru ( Lucky Red Seeds ) is a story about a 10 year old boy, Vicky who returns from ‘The Gulf’ to Kerala and enjoys an unforgettable trip. Now we get to hear of this trip and and those memories through the tales of a grown up Vicky ( Prithviraj ). With a wonderful supporting cast comprising of names like Thilakan, Rahman, Jagathy Sreekumar, Urvashi, Sindhu Menon etc, Manjadikuru is produced by Anjali Menon and Vinod Menon. 

The movie has music by Pandit Ramesh Narayan and theme music by Francois Gamaury.B.Lenin is the editor and Pietro Zuercher is the DOP. Anjali Menon also directed the segment Happy Journey ( Jagathy Sreekumar, Nithya Menon ) which was part of the anthology film-Kerala Cafe and is the writer of the forthcoming film Ustad Hotel, directed by Anwar Rasheed. Manjadikuru looks all set for a release this month ( most likely May 18th ) and lets hope this film meets with a good reception.

Here’s the official trailer of the film –

And also check out the song ‘Margazhi Manjil’

Geethanjali (Telugu) : To Death….Regards, Life.


Death (Whenever it will occur)

Love is just a four letter word. But if you are Mani Ratnam and it is his take on that emotion, then even life and death revolving around it can be a memorable and overwhelming experience. Death is inevitable and no one can stop it, but to enjoy the real beauty of life you need to embrace love along. There is a moment in Geethanjali where the main character snuggles like a small kid in the lap of the male protagonist. This scene defines the beauty of warmth and touch between two people uncertain about their destiny and life.

Continue reading “Geethanjali (Telugu) : To Death….Regards, Life.”

Idaya Kovil – When Mani Ratnam played to the gallery

After making his presence felt in the tinsel world with films like Pallavi Anupallavi (Kannada) and Unaroo (Malayalam), Mani Ratnam entered Tamil Cinema with Pagal Nilavu. While these 3 films did not exactly set the cash registers ringing heavily, there was an indelible trace of the talent that was to emerge from there on. Most cine lovers and followers of Mani sir’s films are aware that it was Mouna Raagam that’s widely credited as Mani’s first major success. This was of course followed by Nayagan which propelled him under National and International media glare. But not many know that Mani Ratnam also made a half hearted effort to embrace the masses  with a Tamil film called Idaya Kovil, a film that is probably now known more by either Tamil Cinema lovers, hard core Mani Sir fans or quizzing enthusiasts.Continue reading “Idaya Kovil – When Mani Ratnam played to the gallery”

Pallavi Anupallavi (Kannada) : Debut of a Whiz-kid

Gopala Ratnam Subramanium Iyer will be a very long introduction as a name to lots of people who are still unaware about the real person. The man who thought and envisioned cinema in the early 80’s to become one of the brightest talent to look forward. The man in whose movies, relationships and emotions were depicted with great subtlety and realism. The man who made films which were way ahead and still stands the test of time, standing out for its technical finesse like cinematography, editing and also the brilliant use of music. Yes and we are talking about the one and only Mani Ratnam who changed the way movies were made in India.

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