Daddy Hindi Movie Review – Daddy Not So Cool

The early 80s were a turbulent time in the history of Bombay, as the old guard of gentler underworld dons like Haji Mastan, Karim Lala and Varadarajan Mudaliar slowly began to make way for the young turks like Dawood Ibrahim, Chhota Rajan, Chhota Shakeel etc in the backdrop of another seminal event in the city’s history, The Great Bombay Mill Strike. This has been a mother lode of stories for Bollywood and other film industries as well, and while all the names mentioned above have had stories told about them, Dawood more than the others, one name surprisingly hasn’t popped up much. The name was of Arun Gulabrao Ahir, AKA, Arun Gawli, the only other formidable challenger to Dawood’s reign after Chhota Rajan. So, does the story of Gawli’s life have enough meat to keep the audience hooked?
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Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: Pondering Over Miss Lovely

Miss LovelyI have grown weary of movies that begin with a character narrating about his past. In most cases, this narrator is a guy, a hapless one and he usually ends up dying or losing the girl. In certain cases like About a Boy, High Fidelity or even Savages, it ends up defining the movie and making it better.

In Miss Lovely, Sonu (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) serves our window to the world of seedy C-grade filmmakers. He speaks reluctantly and regretfully. That’s similar to the way he works in the business of C-grade filmmaking. He’s only assisting and doing menial jobs for his older brother Vicky (Anil George).Continue reading “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: Pondering Over Miss Lovely”

Miss Lovely (2014) Movie Review: Seeds of Pulpy Bombay

Language : Hindi | Running Time : 110 Minutes | Director : Ashim Ahluwalia

Miss Lovely PosterThere is a scene where a middle-aged woman brings photos to a dwarf B/C- movie producer,who sits in a dilapidated room which serves as an office, and she tells him “mein sexy dance achcha kar leti hu” and starts gyrating. The dwarf’s response is to inform Sonu Duggal (Nawazuddin Siddique) how busy he is, indicating there’s no time to sit, reflect and worry unnecessarily. Ashim Ahluwalia‘s Miss Lovely is a take on the grim, seedy world of the 80’s Bombay porn and D- grade horror movie industry. The montages are aplenty and for fans of the 80’s B to D grade Bombay movies, it is a look at how things were handled during the day and for others, it is an intriguing take on what on surface looks like India’s Boogie Nights.Continue reading “Miss Lovely (2014) Movie Review: Seeds of Pulpy Bombay”

100 Years of Indian Cinema : Does Regional Cinema work better Internationally than Bollywood?

100 Years of Indian CinemaThe Apu Trilogy, made up of the films Pather Panchali, Aparajito and Apur Sansar, instantly placed Satyajit Ray and Indian cinema on the world map in the late 1950s. Between them, the three films won seven awards at the Cannes, Berlin and Venice film festivals. Continue reading “100 Years of Indian Cinema : Does Regional Cinema work better Internationally than Bollywood?”

DIFF 2012 – The MAM coverage Part 2

The Dubai Film Festival coverage continues, this time focussing on India, with reviews of Valley of Saints, Miss Lovely, Shutter, Gattu, Shobdo and Shahid.

 This year, as always, the Dubai Film Festival had a fair share of offerings from the subcontinent.

A special program titled ‘Celebration of Indian Cinema’ brought together some interesting films from various parts of the country which included Hansal Mehta’s gripping biopic Shahid, Kaushik Ganguly’s Shobdo, Joy Mathew’s debut feature Shutter and Tryodoshi (Quarter 1)– Buddhadeb Dasgupta’s magical big screen interpretation of some of Rabindranath Tagore’s select poems.Continue reading “DIFF 2012 – The MAM coverage Part 2”