Bheeshma (2020) Telugu : A Tale of an Organic Farmer and Meme Creator

If you are a follower of Tamil and Telugu commercial films, you would have realized long ago that one of the pet topics of their filmmakers is that surrounding farmers and their associated plights. The recent Telugu film Bheeshma also follows the oft-repeated template with the hero fulfilling the dream or wish of another person, and in the process he gets transformed himself.Continue reading “Bheeshma (2020) Telugu : A Tale of an Organic Farmer and Meme Creator”

Kavaludaari Kannada Movie Review – Ondanondu Kaaladalli

Bangalore! A city that elicits both sighs of nostalgia, and exclamations of disgust at the mention of its name. But like every other city, Bangalore too ended up burying its share of skeletons on the journey to becoming Bengaluru.

Hemanth M Rao who made his debut in 2016 with the impressive Godhi Banna Saadharna Mykattu shifts tracks to make a neo-noir thriller set in Bengalooru, but will Kavaludaari be able to keep audiences glued to their seats the way Godhi Banna did?Continue reading “Kavaludaari Kannada Movie Review – Ondanondu Kaaladalli”

KGF Chapter 1 Movie Review: All That Glitters…

What is it about a hero’s journey that fascinates a storyteller? Is it the fact that they are willing to go where nobody’s ever gone before, or their perseverance in staring down odds that might deter one even slightly lacking in spirit? With Ugramm, director Prashanth Neel made a rather impactful debut, and ensured that he’s a talent to watch out for.Continue reading “KGF Chapter 1 Movie Review: All That Glitters…”

Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu Movie Review: In The Name Of the Father

Compared to the more straightforward relationship between a mother and her child, the father-son bond is usually fraught with more complexities. It is described quite well in the opening monologue of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham where a father wonders why it is so hard for him, and the son to express their love for each other, while the mother notes with some amusement that she never tires of telling her son how much she loves him, whether he hears it or not. It is sad, but true, that as time goes by, bonds break, and the threads of relationships slowly fray, as one attempts to stay in the rat race that is life. But what if realization suddenly strikes that it’s too late to go home again? How does one come to terms with that? Does one hold on to a solitary thread of hope, that things will again be right some day? Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu is a lovingly crafted answer to all these questions.Continue reading “Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu Movie Review: In The Name Of the Father”

Godhi Banna Sadharna Mykattu: Trailer

godhi-banna-sadharna-mykattu-photos-images-40284Rakshit Shetty has emerged as one of the more interesting talents of Kannada cinema in recent times. He not only made an impressive directorial debut with Ulidavaru Kandanthe, but also gained a considerable following as an actor with his performances in films like Simple Agi Ondh Love Story and Ricky.Continue reading “Godhi Banna Sadharna Mykattu: Trailer”

Accident Kannada Movie Review : An ‘Accidental’ Find

If I were not part of a Facebook-movie group, if I were not a member of NFAI (National Film Archives Of India) film club, if I were not aware of regional Indian cinema thanks to the Sunday afternoon DD slot and film appreciation courses I wouldn’t have come to know about the Kannada film “Accident”. Once I found it’s synopsis in NFAI program note, it was amusing to see how and why I chose to watch it and marked my Saturday as a “must watch”.

Continue reading “Accident Kannada Movie Review : An ‘Accidental’ Find”

Minchina Ota (1980): A Quality Kannada Film From the Nag Brothers

Language : Kannada | Runtime : 126 Minutes | Director : Shankar Nag

Minchina Ota-DVD PosterThe most telling memory from “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” has been the relationship that Paul Newman and Robert Redford shared on screen. The affable, clever and jingoistic older man with the compendious, athletic young man sharing a camaraderie and chemistry that is both enviable and endearing at the same time. The relationship between the two is easy, they talk with wit and there’s humor in how they behave. It is easy to like them, even if they are cut-throat robbers, looting the trains. Many a time while watching Minchina Ota, I was reminded of this chemistry. When Thatha(Loknath) sits in the wayside, breath heaving, unable to walk, Katte’s(Shankar Nag) response is to laugh the whole issue away.They establish their life’s constant state of upheaval and they then proceed to relieve a couple of their automobile. They move from looting steel plates and utensils to stealing automobiles. They are climbing the crime ladder. Thatha becomes Paul Newman for a moment and Katte becomes Robert Redford. What they lack is the good looks, what they have is a bravado and silliness that’s rapturous.Continue reading “Minchina Ota (1980): A Quality Kannada Film From the Nag Brothers”

Accident Kannada Movie Review : Contemporary and Relevant

51o6U20NGaLDirected by : Shankar Nag

Written by : Vasant Mokashi

Starring : Anant Nag, Shankar Nag, T.S Nagabharana

Runtime : 125 minutes

In the glory days of Doordarshan, one of the most acclaimed, loved and widely watched television serials was Malgudi Days. Based on the book by the late R.K Narayan, the series was a wonderful depiction of village life set in the fictional town of Malgudi. One of the prime reasons the series became endearing was due to the deft and skilled direction by the late Shankar Nag, which beautifully brought out the nuances of a sleepy hamlet which could have been situated in any part of India. Barring Malgudi Days, my exposure to Shankar Nag’s work was largely limited. As a kid I remember seeing some of his movies on television, though the names of the films largely remain a blur.Continue reading “Accident Kannada Movie Review : Contemporary and Relevant”

Brahma: Trailer

Brahma-UpendraUpendra over the years has gone on to become one of the most popular actor-directors in Kannada cinema. Real Star Upendra as his fans call him is now back with Brahma, after Topiwala which released earlier in the year and did average business. Continue reading “Brahma: Trailer”