Tumhari Sulu Movie Review: Truly, here’s a story that can belong to anyone of us

“Filmy” is a word that is often used to describe something where things are stretched almost to the point of disbelief. It comes from the expectation of watching a Bollywood movie where actions and emotions are so fleshed out to the point like you feel you’re being force-fed a dish with very strong flavours. You could perhaps think of it like your grandmother’s mango pickle. Continue reading “Tumhari Sulu Movie Review: Truly, here’s a story that can belong to anyone of us”

Tumhari Sulu Movie Review: Hello, From the Other Side!

There’s always that moment of awe, when one is confronted with the eruption of a voice that’s been dormant for long. They live among us, they move, they breathe, they dream, and they go unnoticed. And when they finally speak up, those of us who are listening, willingly or unwillingly, end up dumbstruck more often than not. Suresh Triveni’s debut effort sounded like an interesting concept when the trailers came out, but the question is, does it have something to say, or is it just dead air?Continue reading “Tumhari Sulu Movie Review: Hello, From the Other Side!”

Aurangzeb Movie Review: A Tale Of Men!

AurangazebAurangzeb! The last of the Great Mughals before the empire started on its eventual downfall. A man of great ambition, who let his rage against his father and family dictate all his actions. His ascent to the throne was marked by the blood of his brothers and their allies. The movie attempts to tell a similar tale of a man’s ascent to the throne in modern day Gurgaon through a path of greed, lies, betrayal and blood.Continue reading “Aurangzeb Movie Review: A Tale Of Men!”

Aurangazeb: Trailer

Atul Sabharwal
, the writer of films like Darna Mana Hai, My Wife’s Murder, Phir Milenge etc made his entry into T.V with YRF‘s Powder, a hard hitting T.V series which dealt with an anti narcotics police squad fighting against drug peddlers. Continue reading “Aurangazeb: Trailer”