Nil Battey Sannata Movie Review: A Tale of Desires and Boundaries

I have often wondered how much do we know about the lives of the people doing odd jobs all around us. Be it a driver, a maid servant, a watchman etc, do we know anything apart from their names in the first place? They are the ones who ensure that our lives go on unaffected in the best possible ways.  But do we care to know what their desires are? Or what they would like to do for the people in their family? Sometimes people tend to care a lot for their pets but end up ill-treating the people working for/with them, how is this justified in the first place? No one voluntarily takes up a job which comes with low self esteem, it’s a function of fate and one’s helplessness that sees one take up an assignment like this. So it’s amazing to see people from socially and economically downtrodden backgrounds managing to remain hopeful of a better future and work their way towards the same. Continue reading “Nil Battey Sannata Movie Review: A Tale of Desires and Boundaries”

Killa: A Quick Review

Killa Poster 3Good Marathi films come with a formula: Simple story set in rural settings or a period drama, watertight script, cast with at least one naughty kid, ”postcard” frames cinematography, mellifluous music score and distributed/ co-produced by Esselvision.Continue reading “Killa: A Quick Review”

Killa Movie Review: Transporting you back to the days of innocence

Isn’t it ironical that as children we just can’t wait to grow-up, become adults and start doing a lot of things which are forbidden or out of reach for kids, but the moment we actually grow-up, we just wish the very opposite? Unless we have had a difficult childhood don’t we generally get nostalgic when we think of our days spent while in school, when life was a lot more simpler, when probably the only pressure that was upon our shoulders was to ace our exams? Time and again I am reminded of my childhood days, of a period when I was probably the most happiest in life. Nowadays thanks to Social Media tools like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp a lot of us are back in touch with our old friend’s right? Of late a lot of Marathi films have been coming out with children at the focus of it, talking of themes like teenage angst/romance and/or nostalgia etc.Continue reading “Killa Movie Review: Transporting you back to the days of innocence”

Liar’s Dice is India’s Official Entry to the 87th Academy Awards (2015)

Liar's DiceActress turned filmmaker Geetu Mohandas has had a dream outing so far with her very 1st feature film as director, Liar’s Dice. Produced by  Alan McAlex and Ajay Rai of Jar Pictures, the film is written by Geetu as well. Featuring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Geetanjali Thapa and Manya Gupta in the main roles, the film has won 2 National Awards at the 61st National Awards earlier this year (Best Actress-Geetanjali Thapa and Best Cinematography-Rajeev Ravi). Liar’s Dice has also been doing well in the festival circuits, with official entries to Sundance, Rotterdam, Seattle, Sofia etc. Now Liar’s Dice has been selected as India’s official entry for the Best Foreign Film Category in the 87th Academy Awards (2015),beating quite a few other contenders in the process.Continue reading “Liar’s Dice is India’s Official Entry to the 87th Academy Awards (2015)”

Njan Steve Lopez Movie Review: Dark, Moody and Socially Conscious in the Right Way

Cinematographer turned filmmaker Rajeev Ravi made heads turn with his very first Malayalam film Annayum Rasoolum (2013). Though the film did not receive uniform praise from everyone, with many people finding it a little too indulgent and too slow for their comfort, it was nice to see the film doing reasonably well commercially as well. An achievement these days as it’s not often that you see films made for creative satisfaction also finding favour with the audience. When his second film Njan Steve Lopez was announced, it made for interesting news. To start with the title is interesting and doesn’t really give out any hints about the film. The film also launches Farhaan Faasil, son of veteran filmmaker Fazil and younger brother of popular actor Fahadh Faasil along with Ahaana Krishna, daughter of popular Malayalam and Tamil film and T.V actor-Krishna Kumar.Continue reading “Njan Steve Lopez Movie Review: Dark, Moody and Socially Conscious in the Right Way”

Njan Steve Lopez: Sneak Peek

Njan Steve Lopez 2014Ace cinematographer Rajeev Ravi made his debut as director with the Malayalam film Annayum Rasoolum (2009),a romantic tale set in Cochin. He now returns with his second film, Njan Steve Lopez (I am Steve Lopez) which introduces Farhaan Faasil and Ahaana Krishna as the lead pair. Farhaan is the younger brother of Fahadh Faasil while Ahaana is the daughter of well known character artiste Krishna Kumar. Produced by Madhu Neelakantan, Alan McAlex and Madhukar R. Musle, the film is written by Rajesh Ravi, Santhosh Aechikkanam, Rajeev Ravi and B. Ajithkumar. Njan Steve Lopez has music by Shahabaz Aman and Chandran Veyattummal while Pappu is the DOP and B.Ajithkumar is the editor.Continue reading “Njan Steve Lopez: Sneak Peek”