Kammatipaadam Movie Review: A Crime Saga from the Underbelly of Kochi

In today’s fast paced world we see tall skyscrapers housing residential or office complexes all around us. Gone are the days when this was a phenomenon restricted to the Metro cities alone, now it has even percolated down to all the State capitals & even further down. But have we ever bothered to know how these original cities once looked like? How the sites housing these large buildings once appeared to be as? A lot of these places were probably agricultural lands, wastelands or perhaps even slum dwellings where the poor lived, only to make way over course of time to these concrete jungles. Kochi or Cochin is one of those rapidly developing cities, a city that is becoming more and more cosmopolitan by the day. You hear people often say “Kochi ippol pazhaya Kochi alla” (Kochi now isn’t the same old Kochi like before) and perhaps Rajeev Ravi has kept all this in the back of his mind as he conceived his latest film Kammatipaadam, a tale that spans across three decades, taking us virtually into the underbelly of Kochi.Continue reading “Kammatipaadam Movie Review: A Crime Saga from the Underbelly of Kochi”

Algorithms (2015) Movie Review: An Eye Opening and Engaging Documentary

I begin this post with a confession; I’m not well versed with the game of Chess. I do not understand the various moves and the different attack and counter attack strategies involved in the sport. Yes I had made a few half-hearted attempts to pick up the game ages ago, but somehow I just didn’t really get hooked to it for various reasons. However I do try to keep track with what’s happening internationally, especially since we’ve had a World Champion like Vishwanathan Anand from India. It came as a surprise some time ago when I heard of a film called Algorithms by Ian McDonald, surprise because I heard it was a documentary on Chess, blind chess players from India to be precise. What did I know of blind chess players in India? Nothing at all to be honest, naturally I was quite curious about the film especially when I realized that the film has had a decent festival circuit run so far.Continue reading “Algorithms (2015) Movie Review: An Eye Opening and Engaging Documentary”

Up and Down-Mukalil Oraalundu: Sneak Peek

Up and Down-Mukalil Oraalundu (Up and Down,there’s someone upstairs) is a forthcoming Malayalam Malayalam movie directed by veteran filmmaker, T.K.Rajeev Kumar. The National Award winning director (for Jalamarmaram) made a few forgettable films in Hindi recently (Chal Chala Chal,Free Kick, Kushti) before striking reasonable form back in Malayalam Cinema with Oru Naal Varum and Rathinirvedam (the remake of the 1978 iconic film by the same name).Continue reading “Up and Down-Mukalil Oraalundu: Sneak Peek”