Iraivi Movie Review: An Interesting Tale of Three (WO) MEN

At the very outset let me start by confessing that Karthik Subbaraj makes it difficult for critics when it comes to reviewing his films. I say difficult because he comes up with films for which it is tough to analyse things in detail as such and also avoiding serious spoilers as well. At the same time he packs in way too much into his films, that it is tough not to think, assimilate one’s thoughts and then come up with something that you feel is satisfactory enough for the film in question. With his third film, the well anticipated Iraivi now in theatres it’s also heartening to say that Karthik has managed to pull it off once again. He has come up with a film that once again carries his stamp of intelligent filmmaking and is completely different from his earlier works, Pizza and Jigarthanda. With Iraivi the focus is on just a few characters, 3 men and 3 women to be precise. It’s a story of multiple relationships, with nothing seen as simple and straight forward.Continue reading “Iraivi Movie Review: An Interesting Tale of Three (WO) MEN”

Thegidi Movie Review: A Detective Thriller with the Right Intent and Nearly Right Result

Thegidi-Ashok and JananiMaking a whodunit is something that a lot of filmmakers in India and Worldwide are fond of. After all who doesn’t enjoy a taut thriller which can keep you on your toes right till the end of the film. While this is indeed true it’s also true that ensuring that the film ends up engaging right till the end and keeping the suspense going the right way, isn’t all that easy. Most such attempts end up as a futile exercise, with either the climax or the very premise itself being a let-down. But still when I first heard of the Tamil film Thegidi (dice and also used to indicate deception) being readied for a release, I did have some hopes from the film. After all it was co-produced by C.V.Kumar’s Thirukumaran Entertainment which has been making some quality films like Attakathi, Pizza, Soodhu Kavvum and Pizza 2: The Villa. This time around the film has another producer in the form of C.Senthil Kumar of Vel Media. Also to be noted is that the film is being presented by Abinesh Elangovan’s Abi TCS Studios.Continue reading “Thegidi Movie Review: A Detective Thriller with the Right Intent and Nearly Right Result”