Kondura: Sage From the Sea

We all love to watch movies; country, language, genre, or the team involved not necessarily a hindrance. Most of these movies are famous, or well-known due to one factor or the other. As we graduate in our process, we tend to endeavour for more ‘qualitatively fulfilling’ movies, and that’s where the director or the genre plays an important part in our selection. Continue reading “Kondura: Sage From the Sea”

Shyam Raat Seher-Frame worthy

On the day that ‘Shyam Raat Seher’ received the National Awards ( read on for more ) we present to you a piece by the writer-director of the film- Arunima Sharma.

Frame Worthy by Arunima Sharma

After spending 4 years at the Institute I was to make my diploma film. Some fundamental questions stood in my way before I could decide what I wanted to make.

It was important for me to understand my identity. How do I see myself? A young girl in the India of 2010, urban, progressive, exposed to fairly different cultures, ideas, an aspiring filmmaker, seen the world around me change drastically through the 90’s to now, an artist within the context of the contemporary world.Continue reading “Shyam Raat Seher-Frame worthy”

Sara Akash: The Masterpiece

“Senaani Karo Prayaan Abhay, Bhaavi Itihaas Tumhaara Hai..

Yeh Nakhat Amaa Ke Bujhne Do, Saara Akaash Tumhaara Hai”

There are too many reasons why I decided to write about “Sara Akash” – the novel, as well as the movie. Continue reading “Sara Akash: The Masterpiece”

Trailer of George Harrison-Living in the Material World- A Documentary by Martin Scorsese

All those who enjoy listening to music, must have one favourite Beatles Song at least.Martin directs this BBC  documentary on George Harrison, the lead guitarist,of the Beatles.

Martin worked on this docu and Shutter Island together. As per Olivia’s wish , the story will be told using the help of video archive of George and it also talks about his visit to India and how he was influenced by Indian Music.

Indian Rupee-Trailer

Writer- Director Ranjith has been making his mark over the years with his films and even his recent films like Paleri Manikyam and Pranchiyettan and The Saint have been examples to demonstrate the same. Ranjith is back again with his latest Malayalam film- Indian Rupee which stars Prithviraj, Rima Kallingal, Thilakan and a host of other supporting actors. Music is by Shahbaz Aman & Cinematography by S.Kumar .Interestingly the film is produced under the August Cinema banner by Prithviraj, Santosh Sivan& Shaji Natesan. The film talks about a about a young man who considers money as everything in his life. Indian Rupee is one of the most keenly awaited Malayalam movies of the year.

Doordarshan Ki Aatmakatha

Kal Jahaan Basti Thi Khushiyaan, Aaj Hai Maatam Wahaan,

Waqt Laaya Tha Bahaarein, Waqt Laaya Hai Khizaan…

Doordarshan logo

Namashkaar, Aadab, Sat Shri Akaal, Hello… My name is Doordarshan. Naam Toh Sunaa Hoga… After a prolonged stoic silence, I have finally decided to vent my frustration in front of all of you, the discerning public, who have grown up with me, Continue reading “Doordarshan Ki Aatmakatha”

Growing Up Years…

Metro Cinema- Kolkata

I had always thought I would never be able to share these ‘closet-skeletons’ about my madness-for-moviez since childhood, mainly for two reasons … one, I didn’t want people to know I was so freaked out for movies from such a young age Continue reading “Growing Up Years…”

Dhoosar Movie Review: Inventive Storytelling

It is believed that we are still in the Stone Age of the ‘Science of the Brain’. Medical sciences in the last few decades have taken significant strides. But no major breakthrough has been found in the cure of brain-related diseases like Alzheimer’s.Continue reading “Dhoosar Movie Review: Inventive Storytelling”

Mankatha Movie Review: ‘Strictly No Rules’ as the makers say

Being Ajith’s 50th movie Mankatha has been in the news right from the day it was announced. For one, Venkat Prabhu had come into the picture after Gautham Menon moved out of the venture. Continue reading “Mankatha Movie Review: ‘Strictly No Rules’ as the makers say”