The teaser trailer of one of the most anticipated movie of 2012 is out. Red Lights has the legend Robert De Niro, here he plays a role of psychic , by the name of Simon Silver.Continue reading “FIRST LOOK-RED LIGHTS”

China Gate: Guilty Pleasure

Can’t say what was the absolute trigger point for me to decide to write about this movie. Maybe it was one of those sessions with friends where discussions ventured into the ‘cult’ film territory. Many definitions were flowing around, mostly citing Wikipedia, and the major point of contention was that a ‘cult’ film is ‘not’ commercially successful, but has a dedicated following all the same. Continue reading “China Gate: Guilty Pleasure”

Sara Akash: The Masterpiece

“Senaani Karo Prayaan Abhay, Bhaavi Itihaas Tumhaara Hai..

Yeh Nakhat Amaa Ke Bujhne Do, Saara Akaash Tumhaara Hai”

There are too many reasons why I decided to write about “Sara Akash” – the novel, as well as the movie. Continue reading “Sara Akash: The Masterpiece”

Dhoosar Movie Review: Inventive Storytelling

It is believed that we are still in the Stone Age of the ‘Science of the Brain’. Medical sciences in the last few decades have taken significant strides. But no major breakthrough has been found in the cure of brain-related diseases like Alzheimer’s.Continue reading “Dhoosar Movie Review: Inventive Storytelling”

Mankatha Movie Review: ‘Strictly No Rules’ as the makers say

Being Ajith’s 50th movie Mankatha has been in the news right from the day it was announced. For one, Venkat Prabhu had come into the picture after Gautham Menon moved out of the venture. Continue reading “Mankatha Movie Review: ‘Strictly No Rules’ as the makers say”

Ragini MMS Movie Review: When all the planning goes haywire

Ok its summer time & with the sweltering outside and just IPL-4 going on endlessly on T.V its back to the theatres for a lot many people these days. Continue reading “Ragini MMS Movie Review: When all the planning goes haywire”

Stanley Ka Dabba Movie Review : For the child in you

Once when I was in School, in class 8 if I’m not wrong, our Geography teacher asked us as to what each one of us wanted to do become in life. Continue reading “Stanley Ka Dabba Movie Review : For the child in you”

Salt N’ Pepper Movie Review: Makes for a very good meal indeed!!!

What do you look for when you sit down to eat a meal at leisure? Is it the quality of the food, the taste, the ambience (if it’s not at home), the service that you get or is it everything put together?Continue reading “Salt N’ Pepper Movie Review: Makes for a very good meal indeed!!!”