The Myth Of Regional Cinema’s Market Potential and Audience

This was going to be a comment on Sethumadhavan’s post on regional cinema. As my comment was getting longer, I thought it would be great to write a post. Here are my views on regional film and why it is failing to reach out.Continue reading “The Myth Of Regional Cinema’s Market Potential and Audience”

The Best of Indian Cinema in 2016: A Perspective

Let me begin by honestly admitting that 2016 was a lukewarm year for Indian Cinema, at least that would be something that I firmly believe in. Be it Bollywood/Hindi cinema or any of the regional language film industries, things were largely subdued for a major part of the year. Be it businesswise or with respect to the quality of output, 2016 definitely seemed to lag behind 2015, forget going anywhere beyond that for a comparison. It’s not that the year was totally beyond redemption, there were some positives as well, but they were not sufficient enough to completely lift up the spirit of Indian cinema overall. Let’s begin by taking a look at Bollywood to start with. 2016 saw only 2 big blockbusters, Sultan and Dangal, none of the other successful films were runaway hits as such. So while Salman Khan and Aamir Khan delivered big time with Sultan and Dangal respectively, SRK came up with Fan which met with a mixed response, while gaining back some traction with one of the better Hindi films of the year, Dear Zindagi.Continue reading “The Best of Indian Cinema in 2016: A Perspective”

Priyanka Chopra and Vashu Bhagnani take “Sarvann”​ to Toronto, Trailer Launched

Vashu Bhagnani has always been known for marketing his films uniquely, he believed in giving wings to young talents in Bollywood and who have always been associated with experimental yet entertaining film’s are now not only spreading its wings to regional cinema with their debut Punjabi film Sarvaan but are all set to take the film into International markets as well. First Sarbjit was screened in Cannes and now Pooja films took Sarvann to Toronto.

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Chauthi Koot: Trailer

Chauthi Koot Still 1Director Gurvinder Singh shot to fame with his very 1st feature film Anhe Ghore Da Daan (2011) which won 3 National Awards (Best Direction.Best Cinematography and Best Punjabi Film). He is now ready with his next film Chauthi Koot (The Fourth Direction),a Punjabi film based on the short stories “The Fourth Direction” and “I Am Feeling Fine Now” from Indian author Waryam Singh Sandhu‘s 2005 collection Chauthi Koot. The film is produced by Kartikeya Narayan Singh and is set during the Sikh separatist movement of the 1980s. It has been selected to be screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.Continue reading “Chauthi Koot: Trailer”

Qissa-The Tale of a Lonely Ghost Movie Review: Indian at Heart, International in Appeal

I had first seen Qissa during Mumbai Film Festival (2013) and was extremely pleased with Anup Singh’s sad yet haunting tale. For me it was definitely one of the best Indian films seen that year and was looking forward to its theatrical release sometime in 2014. Thanks to its good performance in the International Film Festival circuit I was hoping that Qissa would turn out to be landmark film for Punjabi Cinema in particular. No I wasn’t expecting the film to be a monstrous hit like a Punjab 1984 or Chaar Saahibzaade, but thanks to the star cast and the theme I felt that it could at least reach out to its target audience in a far better way than a totally art house film like Anhey Ghore Da Daan. Unfortunately despite the best efforts of Anup Singh and his team, this Indo-German film continued to wait for its theatrical release in India.Continue reading “Qissa-The Tale of a Lonely Ghost Movie Review: Indian at Heart, International in Appeal”

Kaum De Heere: Trailer

Kaum De Heere 2014Kaum De Heere written and directed by Ravinder Ravi is a Punjabi movie that was initially banned by the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) because of the topic it addresses. Based on the true incidents that happened after Operation Bluestar, it is the debut movie of lyricist-cum-singer Raj Kakra who features in the film. The film also features Sukhdeep Sukh, Sardar Sohi, Sukhvir Ji, Esha Sharma, Renu Mohali, Rah Dhaliwal, Sonu Kelon, Sukhwinder Singh etc. Produced by Takhar Brothers, Kanwaljit Singh, Sukhpal Maan,Kaum De Heere has music by Beat Minister. Shivtar Shiv is the DOP and Naresh S.Garg is the editor of the film.Continue reading “Kaum De Heere: Trailer”

Punjab 1984 Movie Review: History Retold Dramatically, the Right Way Though

I grew up getting reasonably exposed to Punjabi Cinema thanks to the one & only Doordarshan. India’s National broadcaster in the 1980’s especially kept experimenting with content and television slots and movies-Hindi, regional and even International would keep figuring prominently across the same. Starved of any other options for entertainment in those days, kids like me then were more than addicted to Television. A particularly curious movie slot which remained for some time on Doordarshan was on Thursday evenings. This wasn’t a very popular slot and chances are that most people today may not even remember the same unlike that of the Saturday & Sunday evening slots for Hindi films or the Sunday afternoon slot for regional cinema, mostly comprising of award winning films. Incidentally years later after D.D had long withdrawn the Thursday evening movie slot; they went on to introduce a Tuesday afternoon slot as well. But let’s talk about all that some other day, as I must now tell you why I am talking about all this anyways.Continue reading “Punjab 1984 Movie Review: History Retold Dramatically, the Right Way Though”