88th Academy Awards (Oscars 2016): The Complete List of Winners

All the winners from 88th Academy Awards, we will be updating the list as when they are announced.

Best Original Screenplay: Spotlight

Best Adapted Screenplay: The Big ShortContinue reading “88th Academy Awards (Oscars 2016): The Complete List of Winners”

Spotlight (2015) Movie Review: Why Journalism Still Matters

Interestingly, even as Spotlight released this week, a student leader is charged with anti- sedition law in India, aided by a fake video which has been circulated by 3 news channels which incidentally has now cast suspicion on the lives of students and the reputation of a fine institute.

The press as we all know is the fourth pillar of any democracy and it is essential for any true and successful nation to have an independent press. In one of the early scenes from the movie when the Cardinal suggests “The city flourishes when its great institutions work together,” the new editor points out how important it is for the press to work alone.Continue reading “Spotlight (2015) Movie Review: Why Journalism Still Matters”

Trumbo (2015) Movie Review: The Dark Ages of Hollywood

Filmmakers have always been a easy target for politicians across the globe. Be it Hitler or the democratic government of India, every regime in the modern world has used its effectiveness for its gain, by collaborating with or by attacking them for the evils in the society. Even Hollywood which considers itself as a bastion of freedom has bowed down to censorship under Hitler’s regime and now under China and even India. Continue reading “Trumbo (2015) Movie Review: The Dark Ages of Hollywood”

Joy (2015) Movie Review: A Little Joy

In a scene somewhere towards the middle of Joy, Jennifer Lawrence is thrust on a stage, in front of a camera to sell a self-wringing mop she invented. It is a moment of liberation, literally and figuratively; as Jennifer encapsulates the realisation her character has that this is her moment in the sun. This is possibly the only chance she has to rid herself of the routine mundane and often stressful life she lead and enter a world of success; her chance at a fairy tale ending. It is this sense of redemption and empowerment that drives Joy though as a satisfying experience despite the flaws.Continue reading “Joy (2015) Movie Review: A Little Joy”