The Revenant (2016): A Quick Review

Leonardo Di Caprio Oscar 2016 winnerThe hype the Oscars create always make you watch a few of the movies that win awards. This year the Oscars and The Revenant were more in the news to check if Leo finally makes it to the awards or gets relegated yet again to the nomination seats. No event possibly could have garnered more debate than possibly a Salman getting married or Putin attacking Syria. For once Leo didn’t disappoint and added the most elusive and prestigious awards in the world to his kitty.Continue reading “The Revenant (2016): A Quick Review”

The Revenant (2015) Movie Review: A Magnificent Bore!

Director: Alejandro G Inarritu Rating: ***

Sometimes a film comes with such a huge build up that you are under pressure to like it, irrespective. From celebrated director Alejandro Inarritu and starring Leonardo DiCaprio who is finally pegged to break his Oscar jinx, the film has been nearly universally acclaimed. Add to that the pedigree of being the most nominated film of the year. So when I found myself not completely hooked to the film, I forced myself to concentrate harder. And the more attention to detail I paid, the more flaws I seemed to see.Continue reading “The Revenant (2015) Movie Review: A Magnificent Bore!”

Spotlight (2015) Movie Review: Shocking, Sensitive and Relevant

I grew up like many others at a time when probably no one even used a term like sexual abuse especially when it came to minors. Not that sexual abuse is a recent phenomenon; it was definitely quite prevalent way before I was born, but it wasn’t something that people spoke about openly for a long time. Perhaps the stray voice that would come out with any honest claims of being sexually abused would have been hushed up by people around them, also for many people earlier the very concept of someone being sexually abused would have been difficult to accept or digest. If you probably try to think carefully maybe you might just be able to relate to something that probably suggests your own personal tale of abuse, or something that you perhaps heard of or saw in your ignorance. Thankfully these days there is growing awareness and an increasing sensitivity exhibited by many people when it comes to addressing something like this.Continue reading “Spotlight (2015) Movie Review: Shocking, Sensitive and Relevant”

11 Films You Must Watch Before Tuning In to the Oscars

Summer is over, and you know what that means in Hollywood – time to dust off those statuettes and start lobbying. Film festival season is about to kick off in earnest, with Venice, Toronto and New York all taking place back-to-back over the next month, which means that we’ll soon have a clear(ish) picture of the 2016 Oscar race. Specifically, we’ll have a sense of which would-be frontrunners are shaping up to be this year’s Birdman and Whiplash, and which look more like this year’s Unbroken and Big Eyes. Let us take a look at all the contenders of 2016’s best film.Continue reading “11 Films You Must Watch Before Tuning In to the Oscars”