Bandra Film Festival celebrates RD Burman’s 82nd Birth Anniversary with a documentary-Pancham Unmixed

Aati Rahengi Baharein – Music for the Soul Collection

In the group of legendary Indian film composers, Rahul Dev Burman stands apart. Even though it’s been two and a half decades since RD Burman (aka Pancham Da) passed away, his music continues to captivate the imagination of musicians and music enthusiasts to this day. He is remembered as the musical genius who had a unique style of composing music and inspiring many singers.

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Broken but Beautiful – Live at the Bandra Film Festival

Life & Living of sex workers as portrayed in films is just about as far as you can get from the truth.

Bandra Film Festival (BFF), a digital film festival presented by Filmkaravan in collaboration with YouTube will be showcasing two poignant films based on life & vicissitudes of sex workers under the theme ‘Broken but Beautiful’.

The first film is Tikli & Laxmi Bomb stars Chitrangada Chakraborty, Vibhawari Deshpande, Saharsh Kumar Shukla and directed by Aditya Kripalani. The 2 hours 13-minute-long film is about two sex workers who decide to kick men out of the system and form a cooperative that runs the business for women and by women.

Speaking about the lineup of films, Pooja Kohli Taneja, Artistic Director of Bandra Film Festival, stated, “Broken but Beautiful captures feminism. It is a theme that showcases lives of perhaps the most oppressed women in our society yet how empowered they are to really fight the system. We are really a lucky lot, to sit back, sip our coffee and talk about feminism. The women who face oppression on a regular basis, standing up for their rights is a very different ball game. Through Broken but Beautiful we would like to salute these women for their exemplary resilience and strength to not only endure but to strive for change”.

The second film Bahadur: The Accidental Brave is a Nepali film acted and directed by Aditya Seth. The film talks about labor migration to India.  Many Nepalese migrant workers are susceptible to high risk sexual behavior and end up contracting HIV. Far West Nepal from where maximum labor migration to Mumbai happens is reeling under the impact of an HIV micro epidemic. This documentary is an in depth look into the brave Nepalese migrants’ life in a social, economic and political context.

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20 Must Watch Films At IFFI 2019 (Phase 1)

It is the 50th year of the government organised International Film Festival of India and the organisers have done a fabulous job in getting in the best of contemporary world cinema to the shores of Goa. The Phase 1 of the schedule is out. Here is our small (and hurried attempt) in helping you choose the best films from the marquee film event.

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IFFI 2017: Movies You Must Watch!

Amidst all the controversies surrounding current year’s edition of IFFI, let us not forget that the festival will still showcase some really fine films from across the world. Here are our recommendations of the international films on show:Continue reading “IFFI 2017: Movies You Must Watch!”

3 Indian Films are part of the 38th Cairo International Film Festival

The 38th Cairo International Film Festival, the only international competitive feature film festival recognized by the FIAPF in the Arab world and Africa, as well as the oldest in this category (IFFI-Goa is the only Indian film festival that’s approved under the competitive status overally by FIAPF) gets underway from 15th November and culminates on the 24th of November.Continue reading “3 Indian Films are part of the 38th Cairo International Film Festival”

Alternate Way of Navigating Jio MAMI 2016

Lets begin with acknowledging what a great line-up this years MAMI has brought to us. There are 175 films to watch. Even if you try to watch as many films as humanly possible, you could only see four films a day. If you are a insane person maybe few days you will end up seeing five. For every film you will watch you will be missing eight other films. See how important that decision is to watch a film? Many of you will follow lists published in the last few days. MFC, Pandolin, MadaboutMoviez. Each of those lists are excellent. But I’m giving you an alternate strategy:  Don’t watch anything that will be available to watch later easily, in theaters, iTunes, streaming. This will likely eliminate more than half the films in the list you made in the last couple of days. It is controversial when I say don’t stand in line for 45 mins to watch Herzog’s Lo and Behold, but I believe that is the smart way to navigate a huge festival like this. Continue reading “Alternate Way of Navigating Jio MAMI 2016”


The screening was attending by Director Richie Mehta and Executive Producer of the film, Anurag Kashyap

Jio MAMI Film Club with Star yesterday, September 20, premiered Google’s ‘India in a Day’ at PVR Icon, Versova. Directed by critically acclaimed director, Richie Mehta and executive produced by Anurag Kashyap and Ridley Scott, the film received an overwhelming response from the audience. The premiere was attended by renowned personalities like Anurag Kashyap, Kiran Rao, Neeraj Ghaywan, Nagesh Kukunoor, Javed Jaffrey, producer of the film, Cassandra Sigsgaard and the members of MAMI Film Club. The premiere was also attended by guests from various parts of India whose footage had been selected for ‘India in a Day’.Continue reading “JIO MAMI FILM CLUB WITH STAR premiered Google’s INDIA IN A DAY”

24 Hour Film Marathon in University of Mumbai

The Department of Communication and Journalism Film Club, University of Mumbai is requesting the pleasure of your presence to cover at 24 Hour Film Marathon on 13-14 April 2016 at 11 a.m.  at University of Mumbai Green Technology Multipurpose Auditorium, near Nano Science Technology Building,University of Mumbai Santacruz (East), Mumbai.Continue reading “24 Hour Film Marathon in University of Mumbai”

Free Film Screenings This Month

Osianama is doing a great job by screenings films of all kinds in their base at Liberty. Currently they are having a womanhood festival. You can check out their schedule here.

Here’s a list of other free film screenings in Mumbai in April. We will add films to this list as soon as we get to know the schedule. Also if we have missed out any film screening, feel free to point out!
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