The Commando the Final Part: Urban Warfare

Note- This is the 3rd and final part of the Commando short story series. You can check  out Part 1 here and Part 2 here. “I need your help.” The number was unknown, but the voice was unmistakably Gloria’s. Loco swore. This was the worst possible time for a distraction.

Loco the Hitman Trilogy The Final Part: Top Dog

You can read the first part of the story here and second part of the story here. They called him Top Dog.In the shady world of assassins where loyalty is a commodity and trust is a joke, nobody revealed their real names any more.He ran a tightly knit band of expert killers and made sure they…

Loco the Hitman Trilogy Part 2- Going Soft

You can read first part of Loco the Hitman Trilogy here “That was easy,” Loco’s partner said, relaxing in the front passenger seat As the car made its way towards Borivali, Loco kept the speed at a moderate level. The duo had driven past the building in Santacruz, and a single pass had been enough…

Badi Sooni Sooni hai

Chehre pe ek halki si muskaan bikhra dene wali filmein ab rupehle parde ki doodhiya roshni mein apne rang nahi bikherti. Wo apne he aas paas rehne wale kirdaar, wo kuch apne jaise dost, wo rishton ki chahsni mein doobe lamhe, wo kahani ko aage badhaate geet shayad ab sunayi nahi dete.