Govind Nihalani’s Party (1984): A Rare Beast

It starts with a rousing monologue. The revolutionary soliloquy leaves no space for ambiguity as far as the ideology of the filmmaker is concerned. But yet, it contains enough to indicate that he is also capable of unbiased introspection.

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Madras Cafe: A plot happens over Coffee…

Madras CafeSome Melancholy Memories

Well I am not exactly sure where to begin. It can be considered to be a minor success in itself on part of the filmmaker to get people confused. Anyways my confusion is partly because of the film and partly because of my personal memories associated with the events that it explores. In fact those are one of the most difficult memories from my childhood.Continue reading “Madras Cafe: A plot happens over Coffee…”

Commando-A One man Army: Movie Review and Some Stray Thoughts

A History of Disappointment:

After watching a film like Commando, one naturally prepares oneself to explain why one watched it in the first place. For the record, I liked Pooja Chopra in the trailer and since I had nothing better to do, I gave it a try one evening in a cost effective single screen.Continue reading “Commando-A One man Army: Movie Review and Some Stray Thoughts”

MAM Quiz 2

Hi All,

Today’s Quiz deals with various types of “inspirations”  that are prevalent in Indian cinema.. You know what I mean.

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Deadline 10 pm, 19th Aug, 2012
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1. This “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” film noir deals with a detective investigating the death of a high profile and beautiful lady but gets obsessed with the attractive victim. There is a Bollywood film that boasts of an eerily similar plot and stars an exotic foreign beauty who was never seen again. ID both the films. (5+5)

2. X is a Hitchcock style thriller NOT directed by Hitchcock. It stars two  of  the greatest Hollywood stars of all time and marries elements of thriller and romance seamlessly. A Bollywood film Y used this plot to launch a star kid as the leading man a few years ago. The lead actress was another star kid who was also very new then. Unfortunately despite having a good plot with twists and turns, the film didn’t quite work and none of the leads could become the stars they were expected to become. ID both X and Y. (5+5)

3. This still is from a classic silent film. An Indian film adapted the story in 2010 and now we are going to see a remake of the remake very soon. Name the original and any one of the remakes. (5+5)

4. Sitter: Best Superhero cameo in Indian films… just ID the film. (10)

5. This American song traces back its origin 19th century west. Exact origin of the song is unsure, nevertheless it became hugely popular and it lends its name to a classic western from the 1940s. There is a striking similarity between this song and a 50s Bollywood song from another classic film. The Hindi song also lends its name to at least two newer films. ID both the songs. (5+5)

6. A very successful Hollywood film from the 80s was based on real life musicians and it has inspired at least two Bollywood films in recent years. One of them starred a star son and a model trying to become an actor and it flopped critically as well as commercially. The other film had two much bigger stars as the leads and the director was also fresh from recent success. But this one did not succeed as well. Name these two Bollywood films (I don’t need the original). (5+5)

7. This Korean hit was adapted into a Bollywood film starring an actor knows to play amorous characters. One of the leading lady is from modelling background while another one is a much bigger star elsewhere but not in Bollywood. ID both the films. (5+5)

8. ID this band and tell me why they were in news a few months ago (keeping in mind the theme of this quiz). Hoping nobody can read the text on this poster. (10)

9. Very Easy connect. (10)

10. This Asian horror thriller allegedly inspired at least two Bollywood films. Surprisingly both of them were also released at the same time. Names of these two films are also more or less similar. One was directed by an ex actress and another was by a new director who has not directed anything after that but has produced a few more films if his IMDB profile is to be believed. Name both these films. (5+5)


Answers and Scores:
1. Laura and Rog
2. Charade and Chura Liya Hain Tumne
3. Our Hospitality, Maryada Ramayana, Son of Sardar
4. Darya Dil
5. O My Darling, Clementine and Yeh Hain Mumbai Meri Jaan
6. London Dreams, Shaka Laka Boom Boom (Based on Amadeus)
7. A Bittersweet Life, Awaarapan
8. Barobax (Iranian Band) The Band Pritam for the song Pyaar Ki Pungi which was similar to their Soosan Khanoom. Although later they apologised and withdrew the case.
9. Shanghai (Costa Gavras, Vasilis Vasilikos and Grigoris Lambrakis (the one on the stamp))
10. Naina (Urmila) & Nazar (Meera) based on The Eye

Pankaj Parashar 75
Kushal Shah 45
Vikram Bondal 75
Ratnakar Sadasyula 60
Arindam Phukan 75
Vinay Upadhyay 15
Kaustav 25
Maharnab Hazarika 10
Syed Mehdi Jahan 65