Sanju Movie Review: Kar har maidaan fateh…fir thak haar ke so



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Haraamkhor Movie Review: Or, Aargh! Move Hindi Indie, Move!

Spoilers ahead!

I watched Haraamkhor when it released. I am writing this now because I’ve gotten obsessed. I’ve not gotten obsessed with the movie itself, but I am obsessed with how desperately the movie tries to be a masterpiece, and ends up being just an okay movie. Haraamkhor starts with two teenage boys in a small Indian town. These two kids are at the brink of losing innocence and are about to take the plunge towards a life of misdeeds and crime. We see their energies inappropriately channeled, and no checks for crossing boundaries. These kids study at a school where studies don’t matter, and people in general have no idea of discovery. This happens a lot in a small towns in our country where parents of such children have had a life of no self-discovery, unending labor, and meagre ambitions. They stop their kids from taking extra food rather than stopping them from stealing.Continue reading “Haraamkhor Movie Review: Or, Aargh! Move Hindi Indie, Move!”

The People vs OJ Simpson: A TV Series that Towers Above All

“Pressure! You want to turn up the pressure? The city is about to explode!” Somewhere in between episode 9, Shapiro slams Cochran for aiming to heat up a story already loaded with perception, half-knowledge, and truly critical socio-political scenario. Immediately following this scene, Darden reprimands Clark with shivering rage for including Fuhrman as a witness and getting him to testify. By this time in this exceptional TV series, we are as outraged, exhausted, frustrated, and agitated as the characters in front of you are.Continue reading “The People vs OJ Simpson: A TV Series that Towers Above All”

Pawn Sacrifice Movie Review: That Perfect Move

Once in a while a movie comes along that settles me down, gets my thoughts together and compels me to strum, with my keyboard. Edward Zwick’s Pawn Sacrifice did that. I realize I haven’t discussed a movie on this site for quite some time. I am doing it right now, because today I feel that it’ll not be just to keep my thoughts within the confines of my room, and the discussion to happen with a friend at a café.Continue reading “Pawn Sacrifice Movie Review: That Perfect Move”

Whiplash: A Terrific Film I am Skeptical to Recommend.


*Mild Spoilers Ahead. Maybe.*


After having watched Whiplash twice, and contemplated relaxation a dozen times, I am writing this piece. I am not relaxed. No sir, I am not. This one little film, took me by my collar, and jolted me out of the lazy Saturday evenings like the devil spanking my brain. Yet, I just cannot look away from it. This one film, one little, mostly shot inside rooms, low key, low production value drama film which could well be on stage (actually, it can’t) has more excitement and pulse pounding thrill than, say, Godzilla.Continue reading “Whiplash: A Terrific Film I am Skeptical to Recommend.”

Happy New Year Movie Review: Steal-Deal

This movie was fun. Guys, wait. Before you start throwing oranges, and bananas, and eggs at me, let me brief it up. I did not like its occasionally serious use of clichés. I did not like its sappy melodrama, and I did not, for the life of me, liked a good part of the song and dance sequences. Parts of them were quite a spectacle, sure, but mostly songs and dances in a movie requiring dance sequences were bland and, unnecessary, at most, and hindering, at-least.Continue reading “Happy New Year Movie Review: Steal-Deal”

Haider Movie Review: Love-ed

Sometimes it is so difficult to collect all the thoughts to write a review for a movie. What do I do then? I ask myself. Us Bhakts of Bhardwaj get swept away, most of the times, in blind faith. But the truth is, there is no way you can ignore the reality, as I learnt while I was talking to Sethu. The truth, in all of its probability is, that this Vishal Bhardwaj’s masterpiece…is not aberration free.  There are things in the plot that call for an unwelcome “what a coincidence.” There are things that call for an unwelcome “really?” moment. I mean how do you respond to a thing that’d happen – even in the context of the movie—but won’t because it’s a movie, based on a play — so there are events pending to happen? How do you respond to characters that exist because…well, it’s convenient for the storyteller? And no, I am not talking about Irrfan Khan’s Roohdaar (without trying to spoil anything.) There are coincidences, and character decisions — and yes they can happen, but! — But that jarred. Because it felt like some kind of an easy make-shift solution to drive the movie forward. That makes things look superficial. It takes away the gravity from a scenario otherwise really intense. It hinders seamless involvement.Continue reading “Haider Movie Review: Love-ed”

Highway Music Review: Good Old Roads

Highway PosterOkay, I’ve heard the album a bit more than twice. That is, the whole album twice, and few songs thrice, and two songs more than that. And I’m still not sure how much of it I could bite, and how much of it I could digest. I may still need more time and more hearings to be really sure of how I feel. This is one album full of surprising variations. And like last Imtiaz Ali-AR Rahman album, this album has songs with multiple tunes. And unlike last Imtiaz Ali-AR Rahman album, is much less mainstream. All of them quirkier than they might seem like.Continue reading “Highway Music Review: Good Old Roads”

Dedh Ishqiya Movie Review: Love and a half

Sanwaar nok palak abruon mein kham kar de,

Gire pade hue lafzon ko mohtaram kar de

Dedh_Ishqiya_Teaser_PosterThis is one of the few couplets from many a Dr. Bashir Badr’s poems this film borrows. And no, I am not someone who is strong at literature. And no, had Abhishek Chaubey and co. not mentioned during the credits that poetry is taken from Dr. Badr’s literature, and acknowledged it during a scene, there is no way one would understand this homage. Makers assume most of the members of the audience won’t recognize Badr’s poetry. And so will many of them not, in the film as well. I didn’t. I returned home, googled this line and landed on this website.Continue reading “Dedh Ishqiya Movie Review: Love and a half”