Captain Fantastic (2016) Movie Review: Simply Fantastic

Not a real superhero, but a brilliant man and ideally should be a super hero, not the one we want, but the one we need (Much like Trump, I too can copy lines from Batman. Prateek for President! 🙂 )

Captain Fantastic is a very Into the Wild meets Little Miss Sunshine meets Shawshank Redemption and somehow falls perfectly under a family drama! I am only surprised the movie didn’t make it to the Golden Globes list. Here’s hoping Moonlight is worth all the hype and not just a way to pacify the claims from last year.Continue reading “Captain Fantastic (2016) Movie Review: Simply Fantastic”

The Bronze (2016) Movie Review

Sundance movies have a “feel good” factor about them, and this is clearly visible in every aspect and every moment in the reel of pretty much every movie they show. The Bronze is no different in this regard.

The Bronze is the story is about a former Olympic medalist (not a true life story) who is struggling to move on with her life. Hope Ann Gregory (Melissa Rauch, or better known as Bernadette from the Big Bang Theory), is an extremely crass and bad mouthed ex-Olympic gymnast who hasn’t’ really moved on from her 15 minutes of fame. A decade ago, Hope landed a flawless beam dismount despite having an injury in her Achilles heel and till date gets off on it! (Literally!) She parades around her small, podunk town of Amherst, Ohio in her USA outfit owning her celebrity status, as she is a regular at a local mall and the diner where she never pays for anything and has drink and food specials in her honor. Continue reading “The Bronze (2016) Movie Review”

Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) Movie Review: Wilderpeople are the best!

There is a certain element about movies that are released in Sundance. They have this part-emotional, part-humorous, part-sentimental and yet overall a very happy-go-lucky feel to them, and the best part about these movies is the sweet after-taste they leave, that is etched in your memory long after you have watched them.Continue reading “Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) Movie Review: Wilderpeople are the best!”

M.S.Dhoni The Untold Story Movie Review: Dhoni’s Untold Story….Remains Untold!

Right of the bat and this is one of the times that phrase is perfectly appropriate, Dhoni is a legend among men, I’m not a fan-boy nor some Dhoni-bhakt, but an avid sports fan and I can differentiate between the good, the bad, and the ugly in sports and Dhoni is definitely the good.Continue reading “M.S.Dhoni The Untold Story Movie Review: Dhoni’s Untold Story….Remains Untold!”

Don’t Breathe (2016) Movie Review: Don’t Miss It

Right off the bat, I’m not a huge fan of the horror/thriller genre. Although I’ve seen the Jason series, gone through most of the Freddy Kruger list and even convinced myself to see 5 of the 7 Saw flicks, ll to stay with the list and less fun-tertainment.Continue reading “Don’t Breathe (2016) Movie Review: Don’t Miss It”

Star Trek Beyond (2016) Movie Review

Thou’ must ruin a good thing and that’s for sure.

After two stupendous movies where Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto literally flipped the entire Star Trek fan base for doubting them as Kirk & Spock, it has all come crashing down in the end. Money can’t buy class and this movie highlights that. How else could you explain the fact that Paramount spent something to the tune of $185 million and gave a guy who made Fast and the Furious to make a movie with a history spanning back to 50 years?Continue reading “Star Trek Beyond (2016) Movie Review”

Suicide Squad (2016) Movie Review


Agreed that MOST of their early movies only bring a tear to the eye and that too not the happy kinds. Val Kilmer as Batman compared to Nolan’s Batman now looks more like a leather strapped, Vicodin induced creep wearing a flying cape. But don’t forget, we are only watching the Batman movies in theaters after Nolan managed to ‘free our mind’.Continue reading “Suicide Squad (2016) Movie Review”

Eddie the Eagle (2016) Movie Review: This Eagle Soars High

There are movies that make you laugh, some that make you cry and then there are some you just watch with a dumb smile on your face throughout. A smile that stays with you long after the credits have rolled, the lights have been switched on and the ushers have started asking you to leave because they need to get the auditorium ready for the next show. (Disclaimer: I didn’t see this in the theatre, but you get the drift, don’t you? 🙂 )Continue reading “Eddie the Eagle (2016) Movie Review: This Eagle Soars High”

The 5th Wave (2016) Movie Review: The 5th Wave….of Disappointment! (Twilight + Aliens)

If there is anything to prove that our future is bleak, it is watching our next generation grow up. Right from their music (that God awful Beaver and his donkey braying!), to reading horse shit like Twilight, the future is clear and it is depressing. All forms of art will soon die and their collapse is imminent, and future historians will probably pin down this decade as the trigger of our civilization’s cultural collapse.Continue reading “The 5th Wave (2016) Movie Review: The 5th Wave….of Disappointment! (Twilight + Aliens)”